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27 March 2014

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I am a teacher crazy enough to nickname my students´ textbook Tom and my students´ workbook Jerry. Yes, I feel crazy enough to refer to our MOODLE space as Moe (the barman at the Simpsons), the bilingual pocket dictionary, D. I (di ai) and the customized worksheets on grammar, vocabulary and stuff, P.Pa.

A ball pen is 3 (three). A bloc will be Finn

Controlling marks and attendance data through two charts

25 December 2012

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Surname /tra10 TEST60 workbook02  notebook1111  oral sk.1111 atte06


There is always a way to do things right. A teacher can control attendance of his students by designing a chart in a landscape-view page containing empty boxes for ticking missing days in a whole term. Writing in ballpen can be a bit dirty so it is much better to use pencil instead.

A teacher controls marks by designing another chart containing empty boxes for numbers rating from 0 to 1 or 0 to 60, for example. In this chart there are boxes for writing marks on attendance, workbook activity, oral skills, translations, notebook, etcetera.

(*) marks chart 

Workbook conditions

9 December 2012

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Red Nose Day (UK)

Red Nose Day (UK)


1. /Write your name and surname in ballpen


2. /It is not a good idea to use a workbook from a veteran student with the answers on it.


3. /Write in pencil


4./ Do one page every day in the classroom or at home


5./ Do not cheat, that is, do not copy the answers from a classmate


6./ Do not write in Spanish


7. /Understand messages: do not finish a task if you do not know the meaning of the words you are writing


8. /Enter moodle every week or every two weeks to search for keys to the workbook or some other issues



Eugenio Fouz

Get your book (Tom) now, please!

24 October 2012

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Tom & Jerry (book and workbook)

Listen up, kids! If you are reading this post via wordpress or moodle learn that we will name Tom to our Student´s Book (whatever it is) like the house cat from TV. Our Workbook or Exercise Book´s will be known as Jerry. Tom and Jerry were two characters from a famous cartoon TV series created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. These animals were quarrelling and fighting all day long. Tom was a cat. Jerry was a mouse.

I have found that we (students and myself) are in a mess when we deal with one book or the other. Now, we have the chance to identify the big book with a cat and the small, thinner book with a little mouse.

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