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Being bilingual should be something like …

1 March 2020

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a sample:

A . alter ego 

“alter ego: another I / Another self, a second persona or alias. Can be used to describe different facets or identities of a single character, or different characters who seem representations of the same personality. Often used of a fictional character’s secret identity.”

see all adages and Latin expressions here:

(dictionary like website)


Online reading (manybooks dot net)+ [EXTRA]: Smithsonian magazine, English online at

15 February 2020

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[The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, dir. David Fincher, 2009]


“Well,” gasped Mr Button, “which is mine?”

“There!” said the nurse.


manybooks dot net[html10]!/4/72/1:0)






From Renaissance artists to aviation pioneers, suffragists and scientists, these women led lives destined for the silver screen

This year’s roster of Academy Award nominees is much like those of previous decades: predominantly male and white. Of the 20 men and women nominated for acting awards, only one—Harriet’s Cynthia Erivo—is a person of color. And despite strong offerings from the likes of Greta Gerwig, Lulu Wang and Lorene Scafaria, the list of Best Director contenders is all-male for the second year in a row.

The movies set to be honored at this weekend’s ceremony fare no better in the diversity department. 1917, widely predicted to win Best Picture, has just one female character. Anna Paquin says a single line in the more than three-and-a-half hour The Irishman, while Margot Robbie, who plays actress Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, is seen more often than heard. Because these and similarly biographical films take place in the past, which is assumed to be “overwhelmingly white and male” in and of itself, points out Aisha Harris for the New York Times, filmmakers have a ready excuse for centering their narratives on white men.

Hollywood creatives certainly have the artistic license to continue elevating stories dominated by white men, but as Harris writes, “[L]et’s not pretend that this isn’t also a choice—a choice dictated not by the past, but by an erroneous (and perhaps unconscious) belief that white men have done the most and lived the most interesting lives of us all.”


Website Smithsonian magazine:



Amazon Celebrates 25th Birthday

“Amazon, the largest internet company in the world , is celebrating its 25th birthday. It was founded by Jeff Bezos on June 5, 1994 in a garage in Seattle . At the beginning Amazon was an online bookstore. In the past 2 years it has become the largest retail company in the world and dominated the world of online commerce.

Amazon has changed the way people shop. It expanded, from selling only books to offering CDs, software and a wide range of household appliances and smart devices. There are few things you can’t buy on Amazon. It has also become a marketplace where other companies can sell their products.

In 2018 Amazon became the largest online sales company in the world, selling over 500 billion dollars’ worth of products worldwide. It has 600,000 employees and is worth almost 1 trillion dollars, second only to Apple. CEO Jeff Bezos is known to be the richest person on earth.”


EYE!. Every text includes a glossary

account = here : to be part of something
accuse of = to say that someone is guilty of doing something wrong
assistant = someone who helps you do things
automated = when machines and computers do things instead of people
celebrate = here: to show that this is a special day and do something special on it
CEO = chief executive officer = the boss of a company
checkout desk = place where you pay for the things you buy in a store
commerce = trade; the buying and selling of products
complain = to say that you are not happy about something and would like it to be changed
deliver = bring products to a customer
dominate = control, lead, to be the best
drone = object that can fly without a pilot
employee = person who works in a company
enormous = strong
expand = to become bigger
experience = face, deal with, go through
found – founded = to start a company




Hoefler typeface for Mac

23 June 2019

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I have selected Hoefler Text typeface for my writings on my

Mac laptop. What I like most of this font is the clear difference

between the regular corpus writing from the italics. 


-Good for marking titles of books-

Brooker, Peter. A Glossary of Cultural Theory.New York: Arnold, 2003

Burgess, Anthony. English Literature. London: Longman Group Limited, 1974

Clark, Roy Peter. Writing Tools. 55 Essential Strategies for Every WriterNew York:

Hachette Book Group, 2016


Hoefler´s website


Excerpt taken from Dr. Mark Womack´s website

“In 1991 Apple commissioned Jonathan Hoefler to design a font that could show off the Mac’s ability to handle complex typography. The result was Hoefler Text, included with every Mac since then. The bold weight of Hoefler Text on the Mac is excessively heavy, but otherwise it’s a remarkable font: compact without being cramped, formal without being stuffy, and distinctive without being obtrusive. If you have a Mac, start using it.”


A Writing Handbook (Dr. Mark Womack)

14 June 2019

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Extract from A Writing Handbook by Dr Mark Womack

A Writing Handbook


“Most writing handbooks try to cover every conceivable aspect of composition, style, grammar, and punctuation. This handbook has more modest goals and a more strategic focus.

This online handbook only covers the topics I typically need to review for my college writing students. So the advice offered here principally applies to those learning to write formal, academic essays. Moreover, I don’t cover the few topics I do discuss comprehensively. There are, for example, many rules for using commas. I deal with only a handful of them because those are the comma issues my students encounter most often and find most puzzling. In short, the scope and depth of this handbook matches the needs of a very specific audience: college students in English and Composition classes.

Recommended Writing Resources

Anyone serious about the craft of writing will, of course, need more comprehensive guides to composing correct and elegant prose than the one provided here. If you want more (and better) help with your writing, here are some resources I both recommend and use myself.

William Strunk and E. B. White’s The Elements of Style is a classic and deservedly so. Unlike most writing handbooks it’s so brief you can easily read it cover-to-cover. (And if you want to improve your writing, you probably should.)”



About Dr. Mark Womack


“Dr. Mark Womack teaches students how to read closely and to write well.

Currently employed at the Harmony School of Ingenuity teaching Dual Credit AP English classes, he has enjoyed a long career as a college English professor. His college teaching experience includes frequent courses in Freshman composition, surveys of British Literature, and Shakespeare classes. He has also taught classes on a range of subjects including: Milton, Renaissance Drama, the Theory and Practice of Close Reading, and J.R.R. Tolkien.”


Continue reading here:


A word a day keeps the hunger away (verbum, i: word)

9 March 2019

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I have just subscribed to this website and I receive a mail everyday

versus. verse, line of poetry

Latin example: Ubi versus lecti sunt, poeta laudatus est

[when his verses were being read, the poet was being praised]




beneficium: kindness, benefit

Part of speech: noun

Example sentence: Boni cives sunt ei qui beneficia patriae memoria tenent.

Sentence meaning: Good citizens are those who hold the benefits of their country in their memory.

nuntius: messenger

Part of speech: noun

Example sentence: Nuntius cucurrit ab exercitu ad senatum.

Sentence meaning: The messenger ran from the army to the senate.

check a sample of ten words collected from my

#PDF: beneficium


#PDF: nox


#PDF: reverentia


How to apply for a job (cover letter and resumé)

28 February 2019

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Learning how to apply for a job is of vital importance for everyone. I have found out a website,, which explains the way to make application forms nicely. People in the UK normally write a cover letter or presentation note besides their resumé or CV (curriculum vitae. Always keep in mind the idea of developing at least 3 main points in your CV, namely: personal details, studies and experience, as well as writing about your objectives.

Read these lines:


Your Resume/CV


“Your resume—also called CV—is a summary of your professional or academic life until now, and it usually concentrates on your personal details, education and work experience.
!!! Your resume has only one job—to get you an interview!

In American English we say resume—sometimes written résumé or resumé (from French). In British English the term CV is more usual, and it stands for the Latin words curriculum vitae (= the course of one’s life).
Your resume’s job is very simple: to get you a job interview. To do this, your resume must be:

easy to read
relevant to the job offered


Your resume is the summary of your professional life. You should include everything that is relevant to your employment or career and nothing that is irrelevant. Exactly what you include depends partly on your type of work. There are usually 5 general headings of information to include:

personal details – name, address, email and telephone number (and sometimes nationality, age/date of birth and marital status)
objective – a headline that summarises the job opportunity you are seeking
work experience – your previous employment in reverse chronological order – with most detail for your present or most recent job
education – details of secondary and university education – including the establishments and qualifications (but excluding any that are irrelevant to your career)
personal interests – demonstrating that you are a balanced, responsible member of society with an interesting life outside work” (…)

See the whole explanation here:


if you like, download and print a PDF below:


Some other samples of CVs or resumés

Sarah Adams (CV)


Rachel King (CV)




“Carpe diem” (Welton Academy and Cornell College)

6 December 2018

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[El Club De Los Poetas Muertos. Dir: Peter Weir, 1989]

Esta historia maravillosa llevada al cine se basa en la novela de la periodista Nancy H. Kleinbaum. Después de haber visto la película quise saber más y leí la novela “El Club De Los Poetas Muertos“. En mi opinión, el papel de Robin Williams como profesor John Keating fue extraordinariamente bueno.

Hay lugares en los Estados Unidos que bien podrían ser la escuela “Welton Academy“. Me refiero a Cornell College (Iowa, EE UU).


[Bowden chapel, Cornell College]



1/ (Vocabulario pictográfico)

2/ Latin teach resources

3/ Latin library. org / handouts



Being bilingual must be something like this …

12 October 2018

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Travelling around the world, reading any kind of text either in English or Latin (Spanish, French or whichever mother language you speak) and feeling respect for certain type of classic writings

THE CLASSICS PAGE / The Latin Library com


The American Universities provide excellent sources for the study of Latin.

One of these is Cornell


First page on Latin maxims and phrases:



Conjugador reverso de verbos en inglés

8 March 2017

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Una website de conjugador de verbos en inglés. Muestra de conjugación del verbo TO MAKE MADE MADE (hacer, fabricar)

Muestra del verbo to make: 


I make
you make
he/she/it makes
we make
you make
they make

I made
you made
he/she/it made
we made
you made
they made


to make


let’s make




In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we and they.


ESL fast, a great website for English language speakers

12 February 2017

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“La tertulia” (óleo de Ángeles Santos Torroella.

-Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid)



Sample of small talk:

Excellent website for English language speakers. It provides students

with podcasts and audio scripts. Specific for short dialogues.









etcetera (…)

Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen


Disentería literaria


El primer blog de Garrafón en habla hispana

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Books. Reflections. Travel.


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