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Handwriting / caligrafía *Bradley Hand ITC

17 January 2021

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Improving your cursive handwriting

@YouTube video, 3:50 mins.


How I improved my handwriting

@YouTube video, 3:59 mins.


The best and the worst typefaces

The best and worst fonts (and why they’re good or bad)
Lindsay Kramer

Fonts are one of the most important design choices

to make when developing your brand identity.

The best fonts leave you feeling like you’ve made an instant friend while the worst fonts are like a stranger who won’t leave you alone.

Luckily these days, you’re no longer limited to the fonts preloaded in Microsoft Word. There are thousands of good typefaces available to download online and a world of talented designers creating custom fonts as unique as the brands that use them. Not every font is a good one. In fact, there are a ton of bad typefaces out there that are boring, illegible and just plain ugly. This isn’t just our opinion: there are scientific reasons why some fonts look beautiful and others leave us cringing.




I like Bradley Hand typeface

pangram: the quick brown fox jumped over

the lazy dog-









Let Us Make America Great Again (after January 6th, 2021)

8 January 2021

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Capitol, Washington D.C 


-Democracy, Citizenship-

Los Angeles Times tweets this summary


America is the country of images

this one shared by the Spanish, @elperiodico

the tweet says: “failed rebellion in Washington


One of the most seen individuals was this guy 

Q-shaman (Jake Angeli)

We heard some nice speeches as well:

NowThis, @nowthisnews


Why we say OK?

19 December 2020

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[Milla Jojovich, actress-@Tumblr-]


Why we say OK

TED ed (5:21 mins)


I have this friend named Jonathan

Reading Practice (video 11:42 mins)

English Language Academy



Learn English by watching videos + EXTRA: THEORY (Present simple)

24 November 2020

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-blueberrymuffins, @tumblr-

Learn English with Emma.-


How to write numbers in English

@YouTube (18.25 minutes)-


-Oxford Online English-

How to give a presentations in English

-@YouTube, 16.46 mins-



THEORY.-Present Simple tense



THEORY.-Present Simple tense vs Present Progressive tense

-via EnglishClub-


Good English voices, good choices

21 November 2020

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[London rain, @Instagram]

Christian (@canguroenglish) speaks English. He is a native English teacher who has the peculiarity of speaking slowly, separating every word in his speech making it crystal clear.

@YouTube, 11:24 mins


Emma Walker (York, England) teaches pronunciation on YouTube. Her Twitter account is @prowithemma.

@YouTube, 2:32 mins


“You” (Beck, Love) & Joe Goldberg

25 September 2020

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-Beck & Joe Goldberg-


Pilot-YOU (@NetflixES)

Joe Goldberg meets Beck (video 1:15 mins)


Opening scene (video 2:27 mins)


Joe meets Love (video 3:47 mins)


Joe Goldberg, a reader and a bookseller

(Penn Badgley)


On “You” and the novel  Hidden Bodies

written by Caroline Kepnes


How to be good at English (21-30 tips)

2 July 2020

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-@tumblr (malastampa)-

How to be good at English (21-30 tips)
Eugenio Fouz

21.Learn by heart (memorize) phrasal verbs, synomyms, antonyms, lists of words.

22.Understand the meaning of words, sentences, paragraphs or any text you read or listen.

23.Use Latin mottoes if you know their meaning.

24.Pronunciation: look for a good model and follow it.

25.Get used to listening to podcasts ( podcasts) regularly.

26.Watch as many videos as you can. I recommend these: BBC, euronews, YouTube.

27.Imitate the pronunciation and tone of native speakers, but never betray your own accent.

28.Separate the words when you speak (and when you write).

29.Do not speak too fast. Do it slowly, but not extremely slow motion.

30.Literature: read the Classics (English and American literature: Charles Dickens, Wilde, Shakespeare, Byron, Thoreau, Hawthorne)


“I just sued the school system” (Prince EA)

2 March 2019

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Prince EA speaks about the School system for 6 minutes.

Watch and listen:



Doing the crab walk landing (@YouTube, @imgur)

21 October 2017

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(via @YouTube)


Cómo hacer pulseras de macramé (@YouTube)

30 August 2016

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[Jon Kortajarena, modelo y actor]


Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen

El Lobo está aquí

Disentería literaria


El primer blog de Garrafón en habla hispana

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

Books. Reflections. Travel.


crear siempre, aprender y guardar la llama