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Smashing reading!

15 December 2019

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The only difference between longing and belonging … (BisonJack)

19 September 2019

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Eres rarito

14 September 2019

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Paul Bettany (“Silas” en El Código Da Vinci, 2006)




“Solo Dios puede juzgarme” + Plan B

13 September 2019

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Plan B:

“¿Qué va a decir la gente?”

11 September 2019

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206/365 typelikeagirl (via tumblr)

23 August 2019

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Three folded gifts in 7 favourite websites

29 July 2019

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Some webs have the three-folded gift of offering the platform, a profile and an element extra. Let us see, for example LinkedIn. This web provides tools for a professional profile, the forum to share information or whatever and contact other people with the same interests as you. The point number three can be the SlideShare page. This happens with 43marks , tumblr & blogger, too.

Something similar happens with Twitter (profile, live contact through tweets and links), gmail (google site -profile-, electronic mail and a safe box called Google Drive) and WordPress for blogging (gravatar -profile-, the wonderful blog site and plenty of links)


#PDF G-Drive


#PDF G-Drive



I wish we could choose …

26 July 2019

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I wish we could choose …

“When things change inside you” …

21 April 2019

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Be a good person …

16 March 2019

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