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The eye of the sun (TheSun; Friday, 7.1.2022)

8 January 2022

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The British newspaper The Sun tweets a footage on the motorway. Everything seems to be right until we get shocked by this unexpected view


If I remember well, the bird shows itself first on the upper right corner, then it comes out from the other side.

The whole footage takes 17 seconds. The most scary / funny 17 seconds of video I keep in mind from the new year.

link to the tweet



Jude Law, actor-



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1/ inglé

2/ BBC Sounds

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3/ Inglés sin barreras (audios online)

4/ Global News Podcasts


Linda Olson, her advice on academic writing

29 September 2021

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-José Mari Manzanares / José María Dols, torero-


OLSON, Linda. How to Get Your Writing Published in Scholarly Journals. Guide to Academic and Scientific Publication. Dubai: eacademia -Oriental Press, 2014

Nota Bene:

pages 27, 28
Pronouns such as ‘it’,’this’ and ‘they’ should be avoided at the beginning of a new paragraph: even if the antecedent is obvious, starting a paragraph with a pronoun is simply poor style in English, and when the antecedent is not obvious, it´s extremely difficult for your reader to determine exactly what you´re talking about

page 43. “Never start a sentence with a numeral: whatever the number is, it needs to be written out as a word. So it should be ‘One participant,’ not ‘1 participant,’ and ‘Fifty-six men,’ not ’56 men.’

page 43. “Finally, formal English prose does not use contractions




from The Princess: O Swallow

O Swallow, Swallow, flying, flying South,
Fly to her, and fall upon her gilded eaves,
And tell her, tell her, what I tell to thee.

O tell her, Swallow, thou that knowest each,
That bright and fierce and fickle is the South,
And dark and true and tender is the North.

O Swallow, Swallow, if I could follow, and light
Upon her lattice, I would pipe and trill,
And cheep and twitter twenty million loves.

O were I thou that she might take me in,
And lay me on her bosom, and her heart
Would rock the snowy cradle till I died.

Why lingereth she to clothe her heart with love,
Delaying as the tender ash delays
To clothe herself, when all the woods are green?

O tell her, Swallow, that thy brood is flown:
Say to her, I do but wanton in the South,
But in the North long since my nest is made.

O tell her, brief is life but love is long,
And brief the sun of summer in the North,
And brief the moon of beauty in the South.

O Swallow, flying from the golden woods,
Fly to her, and pipe and woo her, and make her mine,
And tell her, tell her, that I follow thee.





Alfred Tennyson

poetry foundation dot org


tenderness (video)


Efebéiiii ( hormiga)

26 September 2021

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petancas llll copia

Momento especial en “El Hormiguero” (@El_Hormiguero)

Mientras Suko explica los peligros de la red

y cuenta cómo nos pueden estar espiando

la hormiga Petancas provoca un ataque de risa

martes, 21 / 09 / 2021










video @TheSun

(baby and dog)




Cerveza 0/0 + extra

29 August 2021

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enlace al tweet / tuit

@YouTube video, 0:31 mins

Toddler won’t let mum sleep a nap (via @TheSun) 


Antigua Roma: línea temporal (lista) / 30 books / extras

22 July 2021

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timeline roma

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30 bks 




The Sun shares this video on Twitter

Tweet by @TheSun, Jul20, 2021


Use some other word instead of BUT

instead of BUT




Kid and his dad on a boat ride (The Sun)

9 July 2021

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Captura de pantalla 2021-07-09 a las 11.18.24



tweet via @TheSun



El poeta Ramos Sucre y el estudio de la lengua inglesa

Obra completa, Biblioteca Ayacucho.-1989

José Antonio Ramos Sucre








How to avoid spoilers for that book you’re reading (Julia Lepetit)

1 November 2018

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I found out a site where they inform how to avoid

spoilers for the book you ´re reading at the moment.

It´s called Dorkly.

Julia Lepetit shows how to manage.

See the original version below:


And that’s why sometimes strange things happen, you know…


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