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Thesaurus (because)

8 December 2015



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fifteen favs* + (EXTRA)+ [BrIdGe] Dictionaries

6 July 2015

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20 March 2010

(Photography taken from Fernando Castillo´s blog TOCINO Y VELOCIDAD)

I was looking for an idiom, you know, a set phrase of those you find from time to time in language. Some of those we have in our mother language such as “por los pelos”. And I have books and dictionaries, however I could not remember the English idiom. So, I tried on the internet and the key was there in which I had discovered as a treasure. It is much more than a dictionary, it has got lots of other points: curiosities, phonetics, short texts and games online and other languages. I believe this dictionary deserves a space in the list of favourites of any student of foreign languages. From today I have linked in efnotebloc blogroll at the vertical column on the right.

By the way, to say “por los pelos” in English language one can say “ it was a close shave” or “ it was a near miss” and lots more.

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