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How to write and say the year in English

16 December 2019

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[The Rolling Stones “unchained”]


How to write and say the years in English language can be read and listened here:


1817: eighteen seventeen
1998: nineteen ninety-eight
2000: two thousand
2003: two thousand (and) three Or twenty oh-three
2011: two thousand (and) eleven Or twenty eleven
2018: two thousand (and) eighteen Or twenty eighteen


See about this in a note:



Try to solve these exercises on the day and month

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The best foreign languages teacher in my world

15 July 2018

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[Daniel Day-Lewis, actor]


The best foreign languages teacher must


1/ be a good reader

2/ be a good radio and podcast listener

3/ use dictionaries almost obsessively

4/ learn culture issues (geography, physics, history, maths, traditions)

5/ be an exquisite fanatic of something singular: literature and poetry, for example

6/ study English language everyday (theory)

7/ understand any kind of written text, video or audio in the foreign language

8/ focus on specific aspects of anything – i.e., Business English, Communication, Language, Journalism

9/ use new tools

10/ master the essentials of language: grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation


11/ follow good methods to learn and teach the subject

12/ be honest

13/ move, change, question himself and his strategies on a regular basis

14/ speak good English


15/ always explain matters slowly and clear

16/ use old tools

17/ do plenty of exercises on his own (practice)

18/ be a devoted teacher






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