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The pleasure of rereading a book on journalism

18 August 2015

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bnoches y bsuerte

{“Goodnight and good luck”, 2005. George Clooney}

I have been reading again David Randall´s handbook “The Universal Journalist”. The first time I got this book it was a Spanish edition which I found out in the library of Murcia at avda. Juan Carlos I, 17th- Murcia (@brmu)

After certain lines and paragraphs I knew I had to have this manual on my own library at home. There were no Spanish editions and that´s why I bought this 3rd edition, 2007 NYC via

The author tells lots of anecdotes of good journalism. There are references to talented reporters (e.g. Meyer Berger, Gay Talese, etcetera), pieces of advice, a chapter on ethics, mistakes a journalist should not make, and so on.

To give an example, at page 202 the writer reports the way Gay Talese wrote a “familiar reference” to describe the impression the journalist had of Liechtenstein: “ Liechtenstein, an Alpine principality of 15, 000 citizens and 5, 000 cows, is so small that its telephone directory has only three pages” [The New York Times, one day in 1961]

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