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The sea, the sea

5 July 2018

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Notebloc & efnotebloc

18 February 2017

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@notebloc (shop in Barcelona, Spain)


Yesterday, I woke up in the ocean

the sun was shinning up there as the waves were striking



Then there it showed up

the note bloc brand

the eight-lettered name


in the double side Looking Glass

of the sky

of the sea




(London street, picture from a double-decker bus)

Surf the sea

3 August 2012

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


Whenever I feel bored I start walking towards the beach I love and there I get ready to surf the sea. The sea, you see, I mean the internet, waves and more and more waves of wordpress blogs, tumblr gifs, pics, links and videos

I´ve got this link from #allaccesspass (Melanie´s blog)

Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen


Disentería literaria


El primer blog de Garrafón en habla hispana

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

Books. Reflections. Travel.

Cass in the Wilds

Stick your face in the schnoz of a dandelion


crear siempre, aprender y guardar la llama