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A literacy test for Negro voters (1960s) via @historyinmoment

14 April 2018

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“On June 24th, 1964 the state of Mississippi was invaded by an army of young women and men looking to stir up trouble. They crossed the state lines with the sole intent of shaking up the status quo and doing it in a way that would change the trajectory of history forever. Their plan to make this happen was a simple, but ambitious, one. They wanted to go into the heart of the south with the sole purpose of registering African-Americans to vote. For ten weeks, over 1,000 college students, black and white, inundated Mississippi looking to be the spark that would ignite positive change. By working to empower the disenfranchised group of black Mississippians, these young civil rights activist changed the future of our country forever, or at least we all thought.” (…)

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Ten tips for modern students of English language

20 January 2017

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10 tips for modern students


English language

1.get used to listen to BBC radio alive, e.g: BBC5live while doing some other tasks, watch, listen and read two or three pieces of news from euronews twice a week a couple of BBC podcasts from the learning section at every week

4.pick up some news from The Huffington Post UK, The Independent or The Daily Mail

5.start an account on social links such as twitter, facebook, G+, LinkedIn to practise interaction

6.always study handbooks of grammar and vocabulary

7.try adapted readers (Oxford Bookworms, Burlington, Itaca, Collins, Penguin)

8.get a good bilingual dictionary and use it

9.go to the United Kingdom whenever you have the opportunity

10.make British friends and talk to them very often. Use skype, facebook, twitter or any other social link to keep in touch


3 websites, videos, newspapers and podcasts

11 June 2016

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For those teachers who wanted to be good at Business English I would recommend three websites related to Business English, listen to podcasts, read English newspapers every day, watch videos and use dictionaries.

1/Learn English Today (abbreviations, vocabulary, games, interviews, business conversations, etcetera)

2/Business English Site ( general Business English, sales and marketing, listening comprehension texts, reading texts, etcetera)

3/Teaching English Org.(meetings, socialising, lesson plans and worksheets included)

Moreover I would insist on reading English newspapers such as The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail or The Daily Telegraph on a regular basis. Anyway, there are plenty of online magazines and newspapers with brilliant articles (Buzzfeed, The Independent, The New Yorkers, The Guardian)

Watching videos on @YouTube, the news on @euronews and listening to podcasts on @BBC_podcasts is essential to keep English alive


10 January 2014

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Jan. 10th, 2014 Fri

Audios, texts and boxes

Videos via the BBC or euronews

Moodle and dropbox

Twitter, tumblr, blogging

Texts, audios, English blogs

Podcasts from the BBC

Readers and D. I

The Guardian and the Huffington Post


Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen


Disentería literaria


El primer blog de Garrafón en habla hispana

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

Books. Reflections. Travel.


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