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Essay writing (a reminder of ten points)

14 December 2013

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When a student is asked to write an essay he should take some points into account:

  1. understand what you are being asked, I mean, understand the question and answer to that question. For example,  “ESSAY.- Write about the use of mobile phones in the street (20-30 words)” You must write about that topic and not about the mobile phone you would like to have
  1. writing an essay is a task which requires style. That means you shouldn´t be simple. Try to be honest and do not repeat the question you are being asked, e.g: “I think that the use of mobile phones in the street” is not a good idea for the beginning of your essay. This is called “begging the question” and is lack of style
  2. an essay doesn´t mean a list, but an expression of thought or the progress of some ideas. Do not write a list of words
  3. never write a very short essay. The normal thing is writing a minimum of words
  4. grammar is a must in writing.
  5. vocabulary is another positive point in writing. Without words we write nothing.
  6. avoid repeating all the time the same structures: in my opinion, I think, and … and, but…but
  7. write in clear handwriting. Your handwriting speaks about you
  8. say something interesting
  9. and remember, remember that to write acceptably well you must read a lot of books, papers, magazines or whatever using dictionaries. A writer is always reading stuff. Be a good reader!

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