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Story #twitterfestival May 11, 2015

24 March 2015

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

2015-01-31 22.39.04

Idea of story:

1.-Give a series of words to make a story. This line might be unfinished or not

2.-A second tweet will follow the first line to make sense but following these three rules:

-include just one word from the previous tweet and mark that word by using an asterisk or inverted commas

-insert any real @twitter handle or not (optional every three tweets)

-leave room for at least 10 characters

3.-Enjoy the intwitteraction



1.-My left hand is green with envy…

2.-You should not have left* him because @jlori does not

[by @eugenio_fouz #TwitterFiction]

The dreamer of me

27 April 2014

 twitter: @eugenio_fouz




I had a dream of love last night

You were there, you, walking past

I was not noticed, no, my dear

I was the dreamer, you were the dream,

O love let me hear the tale again

This time the dreamer of me you´ll be 

This heart of gold of his

14 July 2012

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


I haven´t finished the story yet. At the moment I am still reading “La mecánica del corazón” and I like it. The story was written by the singer of a French band Mathias Malzieu and this is not his only book.

There is a kid with a delicate heart. His midwife becomes a mother to him and much more. She helps Jack-this is his name- to take care of his heart. Magic, love, impossible feelings and tenderness are all around the story. This writing reminds me the fable of a philosophical little prince whose author was the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

As I told before I haven´t read the whole story yet but I have such a good impression that I can´t help writing a post about it. There is a ballerina who might have been inspired in that metaphorical Rilke´s poem about a Spanish gypsy stirring over herself like a single match on fire…


… I just read the story 2 minutes ago! I fancy these characters : Jack, Miss Acacia, Madeleine and Méliès. Symbolism, poetry and metaphors live in there. In the end a surprising event turns fiction into reality.

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