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My what to-do list for 2014

6 January 2014

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The typical three new year resolutions, namely give up smoking, learn English language and go jogging are included in my to-do list. Nevertheless, I must concentrate on the second and third point. Jogging is something I have tried lots of times. Learning English language is my job and my life.

I know I must tweet less and blog more. The twitter activity generates a lot of procrastination despite all information it provides.

Professionally speaking I should get a UK exchange for my school this year, try a freer syllabus on my own, I mean, a free style in class working with grammar, revision, lexis and acquisition. Try to differentiate topics and points from each academic course. Create new things on moodle, work with texts and audios. Teach more and test less.

Read more-readers, English press, textbooks-. Watch TV series in English. Listen to podcasts and BBC radio online more often.

On the other hand, getting more personal, I would like to improve my handwriting through practice. Consider copying extracts of texts written in Bradley, Mistral or Viner Hand style.

I want to visit one of the 3 Cs in Spain (Cádiz, Córdoba, Çevilla) or the three towns.

Read and reread Shakespeare´s plays and try his Sonnets. Read poetry: Sylvia Plath and lots more. Reread Cernuda. Reread Whitman. Try to read a bit of latin and learn some new words. Blog.

Read Steinbeck´s East of Eden. Read Lawrence Sterne´s Tristram Shandy. Read Melville´s Moby Dick.

Start reading the New Testament again, little by little (the Bible).

Enjoy art, photography, poetry, novel, twitter, blogging, newspaper reading.

Consult Fundeu bulletins on Spanish language.

Keep on dreaming. Get up early. Try writing short stories.

On being nice to them

10 March 2011

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That title sounds more like “Of mice and men” or pretends to be a rhyme to that. Anyway, I have decided to write that one because the writing below is not mine, in fact, it has been copied from a schoolteacher in the story of her childhood. This is just an excerpt of the note she said she had found in her own teacher´s notepad. It is referred to a very peculiar categorization of pupils.


0. The little mouse doesn´t appear or if he does, always late.

1. Mickey Mouse arrives to the place, moves all the time. Cannot pay attention to one thing or twenty. He laughs and stands up, walks up and down the corridor,talks, shouts,plays. He is not aware of basic notions.

2. Stays in. Knows some tools. Doesn´t talk all the time. Used to be silent. Sometimes he seems to start, but in fact, he doesn´t.

3. Up to stage 3 and more. One day he forgets tools in a different place, maybe home. Perhaps he is not telling the truth and the tools are inside his bag but he knows that in case the instructor notice he will have to work. He is not a responsible mouse.

4. He attends meetings. And he owns some tools. Doesn´t talk if someone else is talking. Self discipline. Quiet and able to listen. Wants to participate. The mouse is aware of the interest in learning new things. Does some work. Not enough work, though.

5. Up to stage 4 and more, but this one understands not easy tasks. He can take notes and, actually, he takes notes. Tries to learn and makes an effort. Enjoys the class. Time passes quickly for him. Reads and writes. Speaks correctly. The instructor and himself get on well

6. Just a little bit better than stage five. More work in class and at home.

7. Mr Mouse manages a lot of tools. Reads anything. Learns plenty of matters and starts questioning what he wants to learn  to know something. Shows curiosity for almost everything there.

8. Instructors trust in this kind and those in stages 9 and 10.

9 and 10 are very close to number 8 class.



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