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Ten tips for modern students of English language

20 January 2017

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10 tips for modern students


English language

1.get used to listen to BBC radio alive, e.g: BBC5live while doing some other tasks, watch, listen and read two or three pieces of news from euronews twice a week a couple of BBC podcasts from the learning section at every week

4.pick up some news from The Huffington Post UK, The Independent or The Daily Mail

5.start an account on social links such as twitter, facebook, G+, LinkedIn to practise interaction

6.always study handbooks of grammar and vocabulary

7.try adapted readers (Oxford Bookworms, Burlington, Itaca, Collins, Penguin)

8.get a good bilingual dictionary and use it

9.go to the United Kingdom whenever you have the opportunity

10.make British friends and talk to them very often. Use skype, facebook, twitter or any other social link to keep in touch


Thorough reminder of a teacher of English language

16 July 2016

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


1/listen to BBC podcasts a minimum of three times and focus on audios

2/watch videos on @YouTube, @euronews, BBC

3/read daily newspapers (The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, The Independent, The Guardian)

4/be a reader of readers

5/use more than two grammar books (get every new handbook one finds out): Michael Swan, How English works (Oxford U.P); Nigel Barnsley, Business Elements (Mc Graw Hill)

6/fancy literature a lot

7/use dictionaries

8/get blocs & pens to take notes

8/practise pronunciation through phonetics theory and practice

9/ be good at your subject matter (specific topics of business, English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing)

10/use specific points or anecdotes to make your classes attractive (magazines, exercises, newspapers, flashcards)

11/have exercises ready in advance (handouts, short messages, mock tests, readings, dictations, &c) to provide them to your students via @moodle, for example

12/use technology inside and outside your classes (blogs, social media, online dictionaries)

13/ teach your students practical things: how to tell the time, how to say numbers or dates, how to do small talk, how to make comments. Help your students to be curious on history, geography and culture

14/show your students apparently useless things such as games, pastimes, sudoku or whatever

15/speak English

16/let your students participate freely

17/use the blackboard

18/move around the classroom

19/encourage your students to memorize vocabulary and write brief comments to improve their writing expression

20/travel to the UK as many times as possible

21/be a radio listener

22/try international projects (e.g: Skype, eTwinning)

23/be humble enough to register in MOOC and NOOC courses for teachers

24/certificate knowledge and progress by official institutions (ESOL and others)

25/be good at Spanish





30 May 2013

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


Dicen que para hacerte amigo de un irlandés lo primero que tienes que hacer es pelearte con él. Cabe esperar una buena paliza tras la cual lo más normal es que te ofrezca la mano, pague tu cerveza y le notes un no sé qué de tío cercano.

Supongo que a medida que uno se convierte en adulto se acumula el desengaño y cada vez se cree menos en las cosas. A mí me pasó que un irlandés me corrigió-disculpándose-un escrito en lengua inglesa sin saber si me molestaría o no. Por supuesto que no me molestó. Corregí el texto porque le hice caso. Fue en @LindkedIn. Desde entonces nos conectamos todas las semanas un rato para conversar en las lenguas de Lope y Joyce y Cela y Swift.

Gracias, Ronan 😉

Skyping, a temporary agreement

9 January 2013

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

ta,e on

Don´t you think that skyping for some minutes might be a good idea?

I would like to talk regularly to a British teacher of Spanish language.

We could solve out some grammar issues, discuss about pedagogy and readings. I have some projects and ideas to share.

In case you are that teacher I am looking for, please contact me via yahoo email shown on the gravatar profile (just on the right side of this post)

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