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How to shorten a link & how to share a document

28 March 2016

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There are 2 basic URLs to bear in mind: tinyURL & dropbox (#mypublicfiles)


NOTE: From March, 2017 Dropbox doesn´t allow public files so there is a big removal from the previous public files to a new box, namely Therefore, the text cited below will be saved and shared in as well as I keep it safe in DROPBOX, private boxes.

Be that as it may, I continue using dropbox for my private files. 



TinyURL shortens every long URL that could make a blog post ugly. TinyURL usually gets a reduction to a maximum of 26 characters. For example, if one meets across a long link like this:




El traje nuevo del Emperador

Hans Christian Andersen


“Hace muchos años había un Emperador tan aficionado a los trajes nuevos, que gastaba todas sus rentas en vestir con la máxima elegancia.

No se interesaba por sus soldados ni por el teatro, ni le gustaba salir de paseo por el campo, a menos que fuera para lucir sus trajes nuevos. Tenía un vestido distinto para cada hora del día, y de la misma manera que se dice de un rey: “Está en el Consejo”, de nuestro hombre se decía: “El Emperador está en el vestuario”. (…)


(There are up to 87 characters). TinyURL allows the user to copy the link and paste it in a small rectangular box here:

One will get a shortened link of 26 characters. See:


Dropbox is the ideal place to keep documents, pictures, letters, writings or images safe. In fact, it works as a kind of safe. Dropbox allows sharing documents and everything the owner of the account wants via specific links from dropbox. There is a useful drawer where one can place public documents, like a public files folder.

See now the fairy tale via here:



That place where everyone is welcome

21 February 2013

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Moe Szyslak

Moe Szyslak

(MOODLE also known as Moe´s)

Welcome to Moodle! In other words, welcome to Moe´s place.

Here teachers and students share ideas, images and texts. Some guys explain things or discuss on current topics who have just read in the newspaper or watched on Moe´s TV.

Welcome to the virtual classroom-MOODLE- or rather, Moe´s.

Skyping, a temporary agreement

9 January 2013

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ta,e on

Don´t you think that skyping for some minutes might be a good idea?

I would like to talk regularly to a British teacher of Spanish language.

We could solve out some grammar issues, discuss about pedagogy and readings. I have some projects and ideas to share.

In case you are that teacher I am looking for, please contact me via yahoo email shown on the gravatar profile (just on the right side of this post)

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