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Rules and regulations of a Latin teacher

24 June 2016

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A Latin teacher in an American High School has written this set of rules and regulations for  her classes. She signs up her work as Magistra Schneider. This teacher of Latin works at Seymour High School (San Antonio, Texas; USA)

See an excerpt here:


“The Rules!!

1.Let your behavior show that you respect yourself and others at all times.
2.Immerse yourself in the moment and give this class your full attention and energy.

3.Follow all the regulations and procedures for this class.

4.In order to receive full credit on any original assignment, turn your work in on time regardless of any absences.” 


bulla, ae.amulet (amuleto)

dismiss (v).let go out (dejar salir)

assignment.task (tarea)

inceptio.contract, start (contrato, inicio)

cheat(v).copy, not original (copiar, hacer trampa)

gum.chewing gum (chicle)


There is a six page PDF below:

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Magistra Schneider, [@Magdbs]

Learning Latin via Magistra Schneider, Seymour High School

16 January 2016

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There is a wonderful webpage in the U.S. which provides Latin texts, notions on grammar and extremely useful vocabulary. See the link here:


Verba (I)

Basic Classroom Expressions

Salve/salvete. Hello


Quid est nomen tibi?.What is your name?

Mihi nomen est _____. My name is ________.

Quid agis (agitis)?. How are you? (how are you doing?)

(Sum) bene. I´m fine

Optime. Great

Male. Badly

Me paenitet. I´m sorry

Mihi ignosce. Excuse me

Si placet. Please

(Tibi) gratias (ago). Thanks

Nil est. You´re welcome



“Res (Things) in Camera”

tabula, -ae, f. chalkboard

regula, -ae, f. ruler

liber, libri, m. book

mensa, -ae f. table, desk

lucerna, -ae, f. light

stilus, -i, m. pencil

sella, -ae, f. chair

pictura, -ae, f. picture

murus, -i, m. wall

arca, -ae, f. box

erasura, -ae, f. eraser

porta, -ae, f. door (also ianua –ae f)

creta, -ae, f. chalk

pavimentum, -i, n. floor

penna, -ae. f. pen

charta, -ae, f. paper

vexillum, -i, n. flag, banner

fenestra, -ae, f. window

horologium, -i, n. clock

camera, -ae, f. room


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