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The coincidence of a family name

22 January 2016

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al fahad fouz

(Fouz Alfahad)

Searching for yourself on the internet may be considered as an act of narcissism similar to self portrait. On the other hand, it might be a desperate adventure of knowledge, of one´s  self, I mean. Be that as it may, I liked what I found out on the google search of my four letter surname ;.)

Anne Sexton´s self portrait

28 March 2015

twitter: @eugenio_fouz



Anne Sexton

“I can describe it as a pain in the head, some central point, a wound which, somehow, had always been there — something slowly and steadily deforming all hope in me; something that forces me to cling to the past and cling and cling — I cling to the blood, I cling to my own ache, I cling to the past and it gets to a point when I can’t even remember without hurting. I do feed off it, do you understand? It’s not the disease anymore, Anne, it is me, I’m telling you it is me! I blindly follow it because I want to know it and it drives me inward, each time all the most inward, and yet I can only use abstract terms to refer to it and then I get mad at myself. Or I am mad. Probably both. Anne, I am not a loser and I am not weak and I have been battling this ever since I can remember myself. And every single time I try to describe it to someone I love, I only end up sounding like a self-centered asshole who is so damn arrogant in her pain. And then I cannot describe it — I fail, I always fail so forgive me […]”

– Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters

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