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Teacher´s dossiers and files

2 November 2015

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Larson, Keith


#separate file: MARKS


#dossier: attendance pack. FRONT

#dossier: notes for lessons, activities, timing, schemes, words

#dossier: schedule. PLANNING term. BACK


**notebook list. PACK

**Parallel Papers pack

**AUDIOS listening selection and strategies

**skeleton of verbs pack

**words (vocabulary)

**functional language pack

**grammar syllabus

**extra papers: reminders, how to download podcasts, how to do dictations

**worksheets: sentences for translation, BASICS review, pictures, exercises

**@moodle memo

**tests pack

Quick activities in a class

22 April 2012

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

1. Working words (lists and meanings, drawings, oral choir)

2. Filling up sentences in hand out copies (copycat fly)

3. Explaining grammar notions (by writing model phrases and substitution tables on board) (examples)

4. Get students involved in the language by asking them to read aloud a text from the textbook

5. Provide students with easy, quick exercises

6. Listening to real English language via audios

7. Copy Spanish sentences on the board and translate into English language

8. Demand some short essay writings, dictations and texts for translation

9. Show a drawing, picture or photograph to make them talk

10. Q. & A. (Question and Answer: direct question & direct answer) (teacher asks questions)

11. Ask for homework

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