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Russell Brand´s nifty language

19 May 2019

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

Russell Brand (@rustyrockets), actor and comedian (and dandy)




Sophia Grace and Rosie´s grace -if you´ll forgive the repetition-on Ellen DeGeneres´s show

5 December 2011

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

(Rosie and Sophia Grace, from left to right)

Well, before you could say Jack Robinson here they are. Two pink girls aged 8 and 5 –Sophia and Rosie appeared on the virtual world of YouTube and sang other artists´songs like some other artists did before. Sophia and Rosie look like yin and yang. One of them is really cute and talkative and the other nods to everything her older cousin says by speaking “yes” and little more.


Here you are the link somebody showed me one day ago and which made me smile and laugh. I admit that the first time I had watched them I had the strange impression of Sophia being family to Russell Brand and the funny thing is that they come from the same area in the UK, Essex. The accent, the expressive faces and up and down tones in voice results astonishing.



Ellen DeGeneres interviewed them on her show.

#twittercliché 13

29 April 2011

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


twittercliché es una colección de “frases tipo” convertidas en lenguaje habitual o característico y seña de identidad de algunos netizens en Twitter

Colección: número 13

-léanse de abajo arriba-

@cdelamorTVE #twittercliché “GAME OVER”

#twittercliché @Lhovatto “Wenos tweets! Muaks”

@Pachilarrosa “La filosofía del low cost se mantendrá después de la crisis.” #twittercliché

@rustyrockets [Russell Brand] “@fuckyousoon I am coming to Brazil soon. This is not related to your name.” #twittercliché

#twittercliché @oscmon “mi segundo apellido es Peligro”

@arsenioescolar “Buenas, estoy aún en primero de básica de Twitter. Sed comprensivos.”[primer tweet de Arsenio Escolar] #twittercliché

#twittercliché @TobyFoster “please could you follow me Richard? Want to DM you. Thanks.”

@elbecario”@jjcheca .Marchando uno doble :)” #twittercliché  [parece que tienen un protocolo muy particular para llevarse cafés de un despacho a otro]

@caitlinmoran #twittercliché “This wedding has mainly been about Pippa Middleton’s amazing arse, hasn’t it?” [Royal wedding, 29 April 2011, Prince William & Kate Middleton]

#twittercliché @SaltoRocks “Algún día tendré que peinarme.”

#twittercliché @jlori “Twitter es una herramienta útil para el periodismo, pero ni es mágica ni es obligatoria #Tuitencuentro”

@HuffingtonPost “Everyone sings God Save The Queen… except the Queen” #twittercliché [Royal wedding, 29 April 2011, Prince William & Kate Middleton]

#twittercliché @kurioso “@mtascon un día vas a romper twitter y saldrás en Wikileaks…;) “ [posiblemente debido a las twittergrafías inmensas que elabora Mario Tascon]

Russell Brand is the man

14 April 2011

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

  (Russell Brand)

This guy is witty like a modern Oscar Wilde. This spontaneous young man seems a little insolent although I don´t think he is.

Russell Brand is the best example to show what a narcissist looks like. He is effeminate as he walks, he is stylish as he talks. Brand is a break ruler, an ice breaker and, oh, yes he is an attractive dude. Look at his smile and you´ll envy his nice, white teeth.

Extravagant like the Spanish writer Valle-Inclán. Russell Brand´s hairdo goes with his savagely-open shirt. His tight jeans glued to his thighs. A brand new crucifix lying on his chest. That is Brand´s brand, an eccentric donjuan, straight and women lover. This artist speaks with a dalinian air in an exaggerate perfect English accent.

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