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You should know (Business English 2)

6 December 2020

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You should know

1.No cell phones allowed. If the connection fails… (email your teacher!)

2.Reread HOJA DEL ALUMNO (evaluation, methodology, stuff)

3.STUFF: book / dictionary / cell phone or laptop / bloc / pen / MOODLE

4.Have a look at the structure of MOODLE / Aula Virtual: THEORY + PRACTICE A + PRACTICE B

5.URGENT issues show tasks, reminders, dates of exams, how to do thing papers, handouts

6.There are 2 documents you must study hard: WORDS + PARALLEL PAPERS


Vocabulary and grammar syllabus: numbers, colours, alphabet, articles

demonstratives (this, these)
verbs (skeleton: infinitive, past, past participle)
personal pronouns (subject: I, you, he, she, it) (object: me, you, him, her, it)
adjectives (ugly, smart)
adverbs (slowly, early)
prepositions (at, in, on, of)
conjunctions (but, and, or)

BOARD class: summaries of sessions, that is to say: explanations, examples on board

present simple tense (form and uses)
frequency adverbs
imperative (form and uses)
present continuous tense (form and uses)


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You should know .-Business English 2


You should know .-Business English 1


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How to be good at English (1-10 tips)

25 June 2020

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How to be good at English (1.10 tips)

1.Grammar- basics: know personal pronouns of object, demonstratives, articles, possessive adjectives.
2.Be good at saying numbers (written form as well).
3.Greeting spellings (bye, cheers, thank you).
4.Avoid the typical mistake of the missing s ending or es ending for the 3rd person singular of the simple present tense.
5.Know the exceptions to the rule. Do not say **I have hungry when you mean I am hungry.
6.Study and learn phrasal verbs, synonyms, antonyms, words, etcetera.
7.Study the rules.
8.Learn the exceptions.
9.English language is made up of four rules and forty exceptions. The student who masters these forty exceptions is the best speaker of English.
10.You should be familiar with false friends in English language and in life ūüėČ


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Rules (Immaculate Heart College Art)

25 June 2020

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jinxproof (@Tumblr)

Rules for the imgurians (via @imgur)

22 July 2019

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Etiquette rules

19 January 2018

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Proper etiquette for all occasions


“Do you ever have to stop and think about what fork to use after the salad arrives during a dinner party? Have you ever wondered what is expected of you when you’re a weekend guest in someone’s home? You want to do the right thing, but you’re not sure what that is.

There are more bad manners and social faux pas than ever, so it’s easy to be confused about what’s socially acceptable. Many of the correct behaviors people once considered common sense have gotten lost in the swirling wind of bad advice, outdated manners rules, and social media that makes it too easy to slip up and be rude.” (…)

Read the whole text below:


10 quick and easy manners tips (Debby Mayne)


Two reminders: stuff, attendance and attitude

20 October 2017

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See these 2 reminders on stuff, attendance and attitude linked via ilovePDF_ and @SlideShare (@LinkedIn). Extracts from both documents below:


Documents and stuff for the student

Hoja del Alumno

Normas de asistencia y justificantes

Cuaderno de clase: condiciones


Notebook (cuaderno de clase)

Reminders (recordatorios)

Parallel Papers (trimestrales)


Dictionary of English language (bilingual)

Handouts (fotocopias sueltas)



Vocabulary lists (wordlist)

Verb lists

Password to Aula Virtual


MP3 player for audios






asistencia a clase (6 puntos).-La asistencia a clase es obligatoria. Un alumno que falta a clase pierde lo más importante: la clase. El trabajo del profesor, su explicación y la práctica del alumno, la evaluación, las pruebas, las dudas, la interacción entre los alumnos y el profesor, la interacción entre los alumnos, los ejercicios realizados en clase, las tareas. Esto es lo que de verdad importa.

puntos positivos por asistir a clase activamente.-Cada día que un alumno asiste a clase, trae el material exigible en un centro educativo (libros, cuadernos, bolígrafo, lápiz, diccionario), se comporta de forma correcta y participa activamente recibe un punto positivo por asistencia. En caso contrario, el profesor no premiará su asistencia con un positivo. El total de puntos por este concepto suma 6 puntos por trimestre.

Un trimestre es evaluado de 0 a 100 puntos. En el apartado de ACTITUD se incluye la asistencia y las intervenciones del alumno en el aula


The rules to always being a gentleman

28 September 2017

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Rules and regulations of a Latin teacher

24 June 2016

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ballerina sitting

A Latin teacher in an American High School has written this set of rules and regulations for  her classes. She signs up her work as Magistra Schneider. This teacher of Latin works at Seymour High School (San Antonio, Texas; USA)

See an excerpt here:


“The Rules!!

1.Let your behavior show that you respect yourself and others at all times.
2.Immerse yourself in the moment and give this class your full attention and energy.

3.Follow all the regulations and procedures for this class.

4.In order to receive full credit on any original assignment, turn your work in on time regardless of any absences.”¬†


bulla, ae.amulet (amuleto)

dismiss (v).let go out (dejar salir)

assignment.task (tarea)

inceptio.contract, start (contrato, inicio)

cheat(v).copy, not original (copiar, hacer trampa)

gum.chewing gum (chicle)


There is a six page PDF below:

via #PDF  #mypublicfiles

Magistra Schneider, [@Magdbs]

Stuff, documents and tools for the student

15 May 2016

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moleskine 1

A presentation of stuff, documents and tools for the students via @SlideShare (25 pages)

English language 1


Or if you prefer, a PDF via

Rules in the examination room for teachers

26 March 2016

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taking notes


Sign in paper -signatures (attendance) & call the register

Keys- 1 exam paper

Marks on the paper (every exercise shows its value)

Date on board

Mobile phones off


Timing: everybody hands in the paper at the same time

Keep a copy of the test, control or exam in dropbox


Do not allow late exams in case the test counts 10 marks or fewer marks

Only allow late controls (20 marks) or exams (30 marks or more) if the student makes an apology and has a good reason supported by an official excuse

Just in case someone finishes before time, provide him with extra work (task)




Download and print a hard copy here:


Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen

El Lobo está aquí

Disentería literaria


El primer blog de Garrafón en habla hispana

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

Books. Reflections. Travel.


crear siempre, aprender y guardar la llama