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Extremely brief oral assessment in English language classes

3 October 2019

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SiTuAtIoN: Q. A method in tests, controls and examinations

PaRtIeS: Teacher (Question) + STUDENTS (Answer)

HoW DoEs It WoRk?:

*The teacher moves around the students who are doing an examination and asks easy, quick questions to be answered by the students.

*To get a positive mark, the student must follow these 3 basic rules:

1/ give a right answer*

2/ never use Spanish language (in the English Language classroom)

3/not be too slow to reply


*Obviously, wrong answers are opposite to right answers. Nevertheless, there is a chance for self correction. Just in case the student realizes of his mistake immediately, he has the opportunity to change his version. Let us say that he has been asked to spell his surname and he doesn’t get it right. If he apologises at once, he can try again.




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extremely brief oral assessment in English language classes


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