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Power walking stuff, discipline and daily routines / Johnson´s dictionary online

12 October 2021

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I am reading a handbook on walking for fitness these days. Here it it the reference: Jerald D. Hawkins and Sandra M. Hawkins. Walking for Fun and Fitness. Wadsworth, Belmont (California), 2011. 

In the introductory pages-page 7- it says: 

Power walking has been compared to cross-country skiing without the skis. While done at the same pace as fitness walking (3 to 6 miles per hour), power walking enthusiasts intensify the effects of the exercise by using exaggerated arm swing and hand weights or other external props, or both.’

walking with d


Therefore, I have been thinking about my power walking stuff. Basically, I wear running shoes, ankle socks, pants / tights, 2 T-shirts, and a cap to protect my head from the sun heat as well as walk incognito. I also wear a digital watch, keys and a face mask (whenever I happen to come across anyone during my 50 minute-walk). Now, from my readings on handbooks about Power Walking I am going to carry a pair of small dumbbells (0.5 kgs each) with me. It is important to be conscious of your arms while you walk. In fact, self-awareness of your whole self is important.

The best hour of the day in my daily schedule is around 3:30 p.m. Frequency walk, 5 or 6 days a week.


Caminar rápido… (Vogue)




gym in the early morning

listen to a pair of podcasts (

walk everywhere [+power walking discipline]


take notes, drafts & write





Johnson´s dictionary online




Andrew Marr´s accent

24 January 2021

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-A. Marr, journalist-

Marr´s interview to Jeremy Corbyn, 23:14 mins


About Andrew Marr (@Wikipedia)


-1:14:06 hours-


Andrew Marr´s START THE WEEK podcasts 

on the BBC


Interesting Sources & Stuff for Teachers of Foreign Languages

13 December 2020

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-photo: @Tumblr-

Nota Bene

i.texts & exercises from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram

ii.Quora texts, Imgur GIFS, Tumblr pictures & texts

iii.YouTube videos (engvid, lessons, songs, TED talks, interviews)

iv.texts (reading literature, news, essays)

v.grammar handbooks

vi.handbooks on style & academic writing

vii.dictionaries: Merriam-Webster,, Word Reference, Oxford, Collins, Farlex




thirt33n sourc3s for for3ign languag3 t3ach3rs

6 December 2020

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thirt33n sourc3s for for3ign languag3 t3ach3rs:

lamansióndelinglés notes, texts, exercises

Mylinguaacademy.tumblr pics

British Council videos, texts, links

Yahoo mail texts

Literature audios, podcasts, news

YouTube videos (Business English)

Medium articles

Quora texts, Q.A

Tumblr notes, texts, pictures

Twitter articles, texts, quotes

Imgur GIFs, pics, videos

academic writing



Resources for teachers (texts, audios, vocabulary): La mansión del inglés

22 November 2020

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Obra de Eduardo Barrón:  Adán después del pecado

/Pza. Sagasta, Zamora/

-compartido en Twitter por Javier G. Martín (@javiergmart)-


Top notch website for teachers:

La mansión del inglés

read & listen here:

To err is human

“Making a mistake is not pleasant, but it is natural. One well-known saying begins, “To err is human…” In other words, making mistakes is part of being a person. But what about those who suffer because of someone else’s mistake?

The saying answers this question, too. It says, “…to forgive (is) divine.” That means that excusing others for their faults makes us a little better than just being human. The act is god-like.

This popular saying is an old one. It comes from the 18th century English poet Alexander Pope. He wrote about forgiveness in an essay titled “An Essay on Criticism.” ”



La mansión del inglés

Podcasts + tapescript


La mansión del inglés



How to be good at English (21-30 tips)

2 July 2020

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-@tumblr (malastampa)-

How to be good at English (21-30 tips)
Eugenio Fouz

21.Learn by heart (memorize) phrasal verbs, synomyms, antonyms, lists of words.

22.Understand the meaning of words, sentences, paragraphs or any text you read or listen.

23.Use Latin mottoes if you know their meaning.

24.Pronunciation: look for a good model and follow it.

25.Get used to listening to podcasts ( podcasts) regularly.

26.Watch as many videos as you can. I recommend these: BBC, euronews, YouTube.

27.Imitate the pronunciation and tone of native speakers, but never betray your own accent.

28.Separate the words when you speak (and when you write).

29.Do not speak too fast. Do it slowly, but not extremely slow motion.

30.Literature: read the Classics (English and American literature: Charles Dickens, Wilde, Shakespeare, Byron, Thoreau, Hawthorne)


7 musts in the learning of a foreign language

27 July 2019

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Which are the things you should learn in a foreign language?


First, I think I should learn the alphabet and vocabulary, that is to say, words from the new language and of course, their meanings. I should know how to say every word, how to pronounce them. This part has to do with phonetics. Whenever I learn a new word I feel the urgency to know how to write it (spelling, written language)

Second,grammar. What are the rules in that language. Why do we say or write “I do not like her” instead of saying  **“”I not like her”, for example. Being able to create my own messages following the rules of grammar. These rules include exceptions.

Third, I would like to learn functional language as well, I mean, practical and formulaic sentences to ask someone his name or his age as in “What is your name?” or “How old are you?”. There are plenty of singular expressions which belong to formulaic language such as idioms, slang, abbreviations or false friends, among many others.

Fourth, I would appreciate to know about syntax (order and relationships of elements in the discourse).

Fifth, I´d love to be an independent reader of literature and a good radio listener as well to work fluency in the foreign language besides the pleasure of reading inherent to a man of letters like me.

Sixth, being curious about culture (tradition, customs, people, geography, etcetera)

Seventh, practise language through the well-know four basic skills: reading, listening, writing, reading




Eugenio Fouz.-





#PDF G-Drive

Literature & Journalism studies planner + [EXTRA]

11 July 2019

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[Tom Wolfe]


Literature & Journalism



Eugenio Fouz.-

11.07.19 Thu


1/Dictionaries: OED, Thesaurus, Oxford literary terms, Routledge, Penguin

2/New Journalism (pieces): Tom Wolfe, Gay Talese, Truman Capote

3/Criticism (articles, books, manifestos)

4/Literature (pieces) -Classics, Modern novels, etcetera: Andersen, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Dickens, Twain

5/Journalism (pieces): Kovach, Pinker, Roy Peter Clark, Lippmann

6/Handbooks (literature, journalism)

7/Podcasts: BBC UK, Pitchfork


8/Bilingual poetry: W. H. Auden, Langston Hughes, Anne Sexton, William Blake

9/Context texts: history, fashion, biographies, music, journalism, politics, society, arts

10/Diverse & tangential letters: dandyism, fairy tales, journalism, style, transtextuality, curiosities


Hoefler, 9


#PDF G-Drive


The 200 Best Songs of the 60s


Revision of grammar, listening to podcasts, learning vocabulary, etcetera (English language method)

24 May 2019

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Pascal in NYC tube

[Pedro Pascal, actor]



Revise notions on the present simple tense:

conjugate verbs

fill in the missing words

pass to the negative form

complete the blanks with extra information

learn packs of new words, verbs, abbreviations, idioms, etc

read sentences in English language (translate them)

use functional language in the classroom,

namely “pass me your pencil, please!“, “can you spell that word?




 ask students to read short texts 

ask students to listen to podcasts





Literature studies (planner)

19 February 2019

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Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen

El Lobo está aquí

Disentería literaria


El primer blog de Garrafón en habla hispana

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

Books. Reflections. Travel.


crear siempre, aprender y guardar la llama