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6 ways to improve communication in an interview (English)

10 May 2017

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  1. Use functional language, that is, say things such as “I don´t think so”, “yes, please”, “if so, let me know”
  2. Make sure of knowledge of basics: the time, the alphabet, formulaic language-say thanks, respond to thanks, introduce someone, spell words-, say numbers
  3. Be good at grammar, namely verbal tenses, conjugations, elements in a phrase, connectors, etcétera
  4. Learn, save and master plenty of vocabulary (words, expressions, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, varied adjectives, demonstratives)
  5. Be curious about idioms, false friends, acronyms, Latin abbreviations, mottoes, Slang expressions and Cockney
  6. Manage an acceptable standard pronunciation

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Reminder 109.3 (4 ESO) / How to download a podcast

21 November 2009

Listen to podcasts from the BBC and save them in your mp3 player

You can listen podcasts live from the BBC by means of a computer with access to the internet. Also these podcasts can be saved in a mp3 portable device.

There is a web page for this matter from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Firstly you must install a software programme iTUNES or Winamp Media Files in your Personal Computer. It is possible that one of these are inside your computer. However, just in case, at that web page address from the BBC you have a direct access to download any of them. All the audio files are in mp3 format.

There, you should look for PODCASTS (a recorded program of talk, music, etc. made available over the internet as a file  that can be downloaded to a computer or portable device). I suggest that you choose short duration audio files, of about 3 or 5 minutes. There are lots of topics: sports, news, music, books, etcetera. Once you have chosen a podcast, you must see a bar, a horizontal green bar with the words : DOWNLOAD x MB right click & save target as… and you must put your mouse over there and right click on the bar. After some seconds the podcast will be downloaded and you will be asked to name the audio. Write a name for this podcast and a good idea would be to save it on the DESKTOP(escritorio) so you can check what audios you have downloaded. That podcast can be listened from your computer, or if you prefer, transfer it to your mp3. This is strongly recommended.

The habitual thing is to listen every podcast a minimum of 3 or 4 times, even more. Intonation, pronunciation and meaning are relevant points to enjoy.


Anyway, one can try this easier way as well:



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