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Diccionario de latín/inglés (English Dictionary Latin/English)

29 November 2019

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Latin Dictionary net

A selection of words on Business English 1

29 October 2016

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I have collected a pack of words, verbs, expressions and connectors from Business English for students of 1st year at Vocational Training (Administration)

The reference book this year is Business Result Elementary (Oxford) by David Grant, John Hughes and Rebecca Turner

The document can be read, studied and downloaded on paper via @SlideShare at @LinkedIn thanks to the converter @ilovepdf_com

Check it here:

Or get the document via #PDF archive com #mypublicfiles

On knowledge and use of lexis

9 July 2015

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Text taken from page 32 at

Tim Falla and Paul A. Davies, Solutions

Upper-intermediate student´s book-


“Although teenagers in the UK generally understand about 40,000 different words, the number of words they actually use is far smaller than you might think-sometimes only 800 words. An inability to distinguish between formal and informal language is almost worrying. Ever since the 1950s, speaking correct English has been nowhere near as important for teenagers as sounding cool.

But experts are worried that today´s teenagers are even worse at talking in formal situations than previous generations were.

The language that teenagers use is nothing like as varied as you would imagine, with the twenty commonest words representing about a third of all words spoken. And if you look at younger age groups, the situation is just as worrying: children are developing speech problems more and more frequently. Children watch a lot of TV, as do adults. This creates background noise; and the noisier their surroundings, the harder it is for babies to hear conversations around them.”


Wolcomo to tho CLOB

30 November 2013


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or rather, welcome to the club

Thanks to Cambridge

Thanks to Longman

Thanks to Oxford

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These are my four cheeses, I mean, my four choices for grammar:

English Grammar in Use (with answers) by Raymond Murphy

English Grammar (with exercises) by Rodrigo Fernández Carmona

How English Works (with answers) by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter

New English Grammar by Jean Rowan

Murphy´s manual is the number one, and Swan´s yellow book was a recent discovery. On the other hand, Fernández Carmona´s book explains English grammar in Spanish as well as Jean Rowan´s manual. These last two books will turn quite helpful for Baccalaureate teachers

Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen


Disentería literaria


El primer blog de Garrafón en habla hispana

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

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