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Netiquette on text messaging (by Starre Vartan)

15 April 2017

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Extract from a text written by Starre Vartan:

10 text etiquette do’s and don’ts

Watch your tone and keep it short. And the biggest of them all: Think before you text.


October 4, 2014, -via

Unlike most forms of communication (writing, speaking, singing), most of us were never taught to text. We just picked it up as we went along, and in so doing, never really learned any rules of the road — even the simple ones.

But there are texting manners, so whether you are texting a friend, romantic partner, colleague or boss, it pays to know what they are. Surveys say most people find that technology etiquette is worse now than even a few years ago, so we could all use a few texting tips. The point of manners isn’t to force people to use silly rules, but to put together a set of ideas that we can all mostly agree on so we don’t accidentally offend someone. Manners are all about better communication.

“The premise of etiquette and how we socialize with one another is not a new concept. Whenever we interact with another person directly or through the use of mobile technology, etiquette is a factor,” says author and etiquette expert Anna Post of The Emily Post Institute in a news release. “We can all be more cognizant of how we use our mobile technology and how our usage may impact others around us — at home, in the office and whenever we are in public.”

Don’t text everywhere. Put your phone awayin movie theaters, concert halls, when you are driving, while you are eating, while someone is sitting across from you at a meal or meeting or while placing an order at a cafe counter. Whether you text in the bathroom is up to you, but that’s pretty gross. Emily Post clarifies: “Do not text message when you are involved in any type of social interaction — conversation, listening, in class, at a meeting or, especially, at the dinner table. If you really need to communicate with someone who is not at the event — or at the table — excuse yourself and then return as soon as you can.” Putting your phone in your pocket or bag and keeping it there is really OK unless you have a real emergency like a sick relative or child.

Always proofread. I know, the point of texting is to be quick and efficient, but if you leave your autocorrect on for even faster typing, and then don’t check your text before hitting “send,” you’re just asking to be embarrassed by an improper correction — which might make for hilarious online listicles, but could feel less funny when it happens to you. (I have just turned off my autocorrect, so any mistakes are minor ones. Here’s how.)

Keep it short. If you want to write something longer, make a call or send an email (even if it’s an email you write on your phone). It’s difficult to reply to a long email via text, and the person responding may easily miss some important detail.” (…) 


Read the whole text below:

or, download and print the PDF version:




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