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Stuff for students of English language

28 October 2016

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A good student of English is expected to have some of the stuff mentioned below:

[EYE! The document has got 25 pages]

How to download a podcast (from the BBC)

22 December 2015

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How to download a podcast

1.type this: in the google search window

2.when you reach the page from the, move your mouse downwards to the bottom.

3.find the word PODCASTS and click on it.

4.look for the category named learning. Click on that box. will see lots of pages like covers of magazines. Choose a topic you fancy listening. the brief information provided there by the BBC.

7.have a look at the DURATION of the MP3 audios. Some audios last for 40 minutes whereas some others only last for 3 minutes. on the podcast group you want to listen with the left button of the mouse. Shortly afterwards the screen of the computer or smartphone will be filled with lots of podcasts to download.

9.choose one. Click on that one with a touch over the right button of the mouse.

10.if everything is fine, there will be an icon of a MP3 audio file download into the downloads folder. is your choice to direct the download into your desktop.

12.podcasts can be listened in a MP3 player, computer or smartphone.

13.listen to podcasts for a minimum of 3 times. Focus on language (pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, grammar) as well as on content (the story).

Enjoy the listening.

 Eugenio Fouz.- 151215


How to convert videos into MP3 audio files

7 December 2012

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my red Philips radio & MP3 player

my red Philips radio & MP3 player

A student of mine (thanks, José F.) taught me how to convert videos from YouTube into MP3 audio files. I would like to share the easy way to do with anyone reading my blog.

Years ago we used to listen to music through CDs or cassettes of audio, but nowadays people have MP3 players and share music and songs via the internet. Well, the fact is that one can type YOUTUBE videos and search for a singer or a band of music and type their name on that page. Once the image of the artist has appeared on screen, just copy the URL address from the top and paste it into this converter :

There will be a rectangular box where you should enter video URL. Message read: ENTER VIDEO URL

Seconds later if everything goes right you will find a blue link saying:

Click here to get your download link

Shortly afterwards, a push button box appears


There you are the MP3 audio file in your computer.

Close friends : online dictionaries and BBC podcasts

24 November 2012

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my MP3 player and a workbook of English for Baccalaureate

WordReference is an online dictionary which I consult very often. If I had to choose a couple of tools for learning English on the internet I would pick out a good online dictionary such as WordReference, Farlex or Onelook dictionary and any link to the BBC podcasting site.

Let´s see how much I like WordReference by an example. I was not quite sure about the feminine meaning of the adjective “gorgeous” so I typed the word in the box of the online dictionary and got this:

English definition | conjugator | English synonyms | in context | images

Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary © 2009 Oxford University Press:

gorgeous / ˈɡɔːrdʒəs / || / ˈɡɔːdʒəs/ adjetivo

  1. (lovely) (colloq) ‹girl› precioso, guapísimo;
    dress› precioso, divino;
    day› maravilloso, espléndido
  2. (splendid) ‹color› magnífico

Diccionario Espasa Concise © 2000 Espasa Calpe:

gorgeous [‘gɔ:dʒəs] adj (día) magnífico,-a, estupendo,-a: we had a gorgeous view from our hotel, teníamos una vista preciosa desde el hotel
(persona) precioso,-a, guapísimo,-a: he’s in love with a gorgeous woman he met in Rome, está enamorado de una chica fabulosa que conoció en Roma
gorgeous‘ also found in these Oxford entries:




WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2012:

Principal Translations
gorgeous adj (beautiful: person) precioso adj
She is such a gorgeous girl.
Ella es una chica preciosa.
gorgeous adj (beautiful: thing, day) precioso adj
It is such a gorgeous day.
Es un día precioso.

Regular listening to BBC podcasts provides the listener with understanding, intonation and keeping up-to-date with English life and culture.

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