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Mis moleskines, mis portaminas y yo

30 November 2016

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Notebook grid (marking student´s writing work every term)

17 October 2013

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(moleskine and roller pen)

The academic year is divided into 3 terms. Every term students´notebooks are tested twice in order to be fair. The marks range from 1 to 3 points every time which makes a total of 6 points. My students get points from 1 to 100 being 100 points the highest mark. The score for notebooks is shown below:

a/ NOTEBOOK : label on the cover with name and class group, general cleanliness and a continuous line of numbered exercises (1 point)

b/ NOTEBOOK: check out of basics with no errors such as making no mistakes in numbers, demonstratives, pronouns, telling the time, months, conjugation of verbs, etcetera (1 point)

c/ NOTEBOOK: check transformation of sentences, translations of short sentences – SMS-, extra exercises (e.g: copy and paste an image and describe it), checking 1 or 2 specific exercises from the workbook, translation paragraphs from the textbook, copy a text of about 6 lines (1 point)

Teachers´ stuff. Inventory

20 November 2012

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Life can be easier when you have the adequate tools: plastic files, staplers, adhesive tape rolls, propelling pencils, rubbers, pencils, pencil-sharpeners, blocs, notepads and all the stuff. In school a teacher needs graded readers, paper clips, A4 papers, ball pens and perhaps a couple of moleskines.

There will be books, broadly speaking, that a good teacher should consult continuosly such as dictionaries (more than one), grammar books, a Thesaurus, textbooks, novels, magazines, newspapers, etcetera.

If you are a lucky student, you will come across a teacher who loves doing things the right way and he will teach you well. If you are more than lucky, your teacher will be one of the kind who stamps the date on your testing paper or exercise books by using a rubber stamp date.

There are plenty of things in a teacher´s desk: ball pens, diaries, dossiers,  photocopies, press cuttings and rotrings, handbooks, folders, pencil cases and rubber bands, marks lists.

Yes, I can say I am happy with the classical stuff. I fancy especially those coloured slips of paper that teachers call post-its or sticky notes. These are very useful to mark a page in a book or note down any to-do-later task.

Libros, rotrings y blocs

12 November 2012

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Huelo los libros, los huelo. Disfruto el momento, el olor del papel nuevo y virgen, la tinta. El tacto de la cubierta, las ilustraciones y el peso total del libro en mis manos. Alguien como yo es feliz con muy poco: un rotring y un inoxcrom, blocs y moleskines, un portaminas y libros para leer.

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