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School stuff nicknames

26 October 2013

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For those following my classes.- Remind this: 

The textbook´s nick is Tom, the workbook´s nick is Jerry.

What we know as AV or Aula Virtual is otherwise MOODLE or Moe (Moe Szyslak, the barman at “the Simpsons”TV series).

The pack of copies officially known as “Parallel Papers” is abbreviated PaPa; the notebook is bloc, the dictionary is DI (read as di – ai)& your teacher´s name´s nick is Eugene.

This beer is on me, Barney [@Garrafa]

15 April 2012

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


Whenever I watch the Simpsons I see myself like that barman, Moe. Well, I know your motto means that “you are a skin-deep man” or something of the like (Menos profundo que un charco). I disagree with you because your humour and your wit is not a trivial issue and, anyway, I am used to being serious with comedians. That “unfollow thing” was a sad thing, man. You should know that it is the best Eugin I have ever read.


@eugenio_fouz Eugin colega lo siento, no es por ti es por mi 🙂 tío es que crujes a menciones

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