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Graded Readers (help with vocabulary)

23 February 2019

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Reading a Graded Reader in class.

Students work in pairs jotting down unknown words or expressions onto their blocs. They make a note together of about ten expressions. They copy these on the board and the rest of students (or the teacher) writes their meanings in Spanish.

Reading might be easier if students get a little help with vocabulary.


BASSET, Jennifer William Shakespeare Oxford Bookworms.Chapter 6

John and Amanda: lazy, playwright, suddenly, clever, laugh (v), pile, wig …

George and Fran: Falstaff, put (v), playgoers …


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Morse Code: Jeremiah Denton

16 February 2019

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Jeremiah Denton


I would like to teach my students of English language MORSE code the easy way. There is a mnemonic list of words which I learnt in Boy Scouts (Estrella Polar group, Lugo-SPAIN) in order to keep in mind every single sign of MORSE. Well, as part of the English language programming I put in two tests an exercise of only one mark for those students able to reproduce the dot-and-dash language. For example:

1/ Complete the following letters following the MORSE rule:


H- Hi ma la ya ( . . . . )

E- él ( . )



2 / Write the secret -mnemonic- words as in : A- As no / B- Bo na par te / C-              / D- Do ce na

E- él  / F –             / G-               / H-            / I – is la / J-            / K-              / L-


These days I leave an unfinished word in MORSE on the blackboard as homework, i.e:


F- Fa ra o na ( . . _ . )

I –



trying to get students involved or, at least, curious about the code, given that some of the students do not bother to try to memorise the twenty-six words ( 26 letters of the English alphabet). Unfortunately, they consider useless getting one simple point in a test and seem uninterested in learning such a tangential topic.

Nonetheless, I insist. I am showing these students -and the others who have been learning the code- the importance of managing a secret code, the gratitude of the instructed ones to knowledge. On this occasion, an American prisoner of war uses MORSE by moving his eyelids as he is being interviewed in a hostile country by hostile journalist. Jeremiah Denton tries to send a message to the American Navy. The American Navy gets the message.

Read the story in the link below:


Zero Zone / Ground Zero (on the BOARD) [IlovePDF_ZeroZone, 16pp]

14 February 2019

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[Adrien Brody (Detachment, 2011. Director: Tony Kaye]

I have just started to copy on the BOARD those basic, typical mistakes students often make in exercises, examinations and writings. There will be a Zero Zone on the upper left side of the blackboard to remind them what they must not write again. I think I will leave the wrong expressions without the appropriate correct forms afterwards to oblige them to search and learn the right ones. Well, I will draw a cross out mark over the wrong expressions like this “Me brother isn’t coming”.





she cans type very fast


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Pinches Of Practice

11 November 2018

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I think Paul Emmerson ´s Five minute-activities for Business English had something to do with the Pinches Of Practice shown below. The idea of having students involved in five minute-activities can transform the atmosphere of a classroom for the better. I think these activities would play a part in revision. By the way, the dotted line and scissors has been inspired in documents supplied by Oxford University Press to teachers fond of their material for learning English language at different levels, namely ABAU for Pronunciation Practice.


Business English 2

pinches of practice

1/the time: 4:55.five to five / 3:33 / 2:11 / 7:45 / 7:00 / 3:09

2/cardinal numbers: 3.three / 10 / 13 / 30 / 44 / 99 / 100

3/demonstratives: this book is red / that pen … is not h…  … / those … ….  (…)

Click on the link below, download and print:



A storm in my brain is a brainstorming coming [I love PDF, storm (12 pp)]

21 November 2014

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Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen


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