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“Stop stealing our fucking pens” (message)

23 November 2019

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Unattended children …

10 March 2019

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Reading a message -“So long and thanks for” (…)

27 January 2018

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Welcome to high school

20 December 2017

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Oh, no! Error 404

9 February 2014

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The page you requested cannot be found;

it might have been removed, had its name changed,

or is temporarily unavailable.

Error 404 _ 2

“read the printed word”

11 September 2013

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This is the message:





[Thanks to Cassandra, author of the blog booksandbowelmovements]

Soliloquy on the fly of another crazy guy

11 May 2012

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“Your bits are flying through cyberspace towards me as you read this. I’ll get back to you ASAP. -Automatic reply by wordpress-“

i think that the bits or wings were broken because these have not been received by wordpress. cyberspace must be a hostile place or space where blue birds are tiny and unimportant. i thought i was like a man jumping from a plane –my parachute forgotten up there-. i started to cry and then to shout out loud and nothing happened. i saw other guys flying (did i write that?) well, yes, flying all over the cyberspace and talking, monologuing and “no asap / no pasa nada” no replies. is there somebody in there?


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