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Coolest people (beautiful women in nice dresses)

18 July 2020

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Patrick Hutchinson (Hutchinson with H as in Hero)

15 June 2020

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photo by Dylan Martínez


Black Lives Matter protester seen carrying a white man through an angry crowd in London says he wants ‘equality for all races and people’
By Amir Vera, Salma Abdelaziz and Zahid Mahmood, CNN
June 15, 2020

London (CNN)The black man seen carrying an injured white man to safety during a chaotic scene at protests in London Saturday told CNN he did it to avoid catastrophe.

The image of Patrick Hutchinson’s selfless act has now spread across the globe. Hutchinson told CNN Sunday it was the first Black Lives Matter protest he attended, and he helped the white man because he didn’t want the main reason for the protests to be lost in one moment of violence.
Protesters in London and all over the world have taken to the streets calling for police reform after the deaths of black people at the hands of police. These deaths most recently include George Floyd in Minneapolis and Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.
“My real focus was on avoiding a catastrophe, all of a sudden the narrative changes into ‘Black Lives Matters, Youngsters Kill Protesters.’ That was the message we were trying to avoid,” Hutchinson said.”  


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I think, Hutchinson must have thought this


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The rose´s fragrance

7 June 2020

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Banksy and the new heroines

9 May 2020

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The Independent (UK)

Jacob Stolworthy, 7.5.2020

“Banksy has unveiled a new artwork in Southampton General Hospital depicting a nurse as a superhero.

The piece, titled Game Changer, can be seen on Level C of the building, and was made as a thank you to staff for their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Following its unveiling, the enigmatic street artist left a note for hospital workers, which read: “I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if its only black and white.””


“Stop stealing our fucking pens” (message)

23 November 2019

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Unattended children …

10 March 2019

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Reading a message -“So long and thanks for” (…)

27 January 2018

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Welcome to high school

20 December 2017

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Oh, no! Error 404

9 February 2014

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The page you requested cannot be found;

it might have been removed, had its name changed,

or is temporarily unavailable.

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“read the printed word”

11 September 2013

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This is the message:





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