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Coney Island, baby (Lou Reed)

29 October 2018

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[Lou Reed]


Coney Island, baby (via @YouTube)


A Carlos Moreno –también conocido como El Pulpo- y Carlos Herrera que eligieron esta mañana un tema de Lou Reed para hacer compañía a sus oyentes. Carlos Herrera contó que uno de sus discos favoritos era el titulado “Coney Island, baby“.

Todas las mañanas de lunes a viernes hay un programa de radio en la Cope que lleva Carlos Moreno de 4: 00 a.m a 5: 00 a.m hasta que llegan los diez minutos de fusión entre el Pulpo y Herrera. Los dos hablan de música, mayormente. También hablan de otras cosas, de comida. Se despiden en una lengua extranjera (o no tanto, si se trata de esperanto).  Volviendo a la música, hace semanas tocaron a Marvin Gaye, otro día pusieron algo de Dylan, Springsteen los Beatles. Esta misma mañana, el Pulpo puso un tema de Nino Bravo. Revuelven la memoria de los madrugadores con Carlos Goñi (“Revólver”), “Los secretos“, “Tequila” y otros. En fin, merece la pena la compañía, el tono y la información.

Dejo aquí un enlace a un PDF con la letra de “Coney Island, baby“:



Sexual healing (Marvin Gaye)

22 September 2018

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[Marvin Gaye]


Sexual healing, babe

7 September 2015

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Sometimes what you need is not just love but a sexual healing.


Marvin Gaye

Sexual healing

“Get up, get up, get up, get up!
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!

Oh, baby now let’s get down tonight

Ooh baby, I’m hot just like an oven
I need some lovin’
And baby, I can’t hold it much longer
It’s getting stronger and stronger

And when I get that feeling
I want sexual healing
Sexual healing, oh baby
Makes me feel so fine

Helps to relieve my mind
Sexual healing baby, is good for me
Sexual healing is something that’s good for me

Whenever blue teardrops are fallin’
And my emotional stability is leaving me
There is something I can do
I can get on the telephone and call you up baby

And honey I know you’ll be there to relieve me
The love you give to me will free me
If you don’t know the thing you’re dealing
Ohh I can tell you, darling, that it’s sexual healing

Get up, get up, get up, get up
Let’s make love tonight
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
‘Cause you do it right

Baby, I got sick this mornin’
A sea was stormin’ inside of me
Baby, I think I’m capsizin’
The waves are risin’ and risin’

And when I get that feeling
I want sexual healing
Sexual healing is good for me
Makes me feel so fine, it’s such a rush
Helps to relieve the mind, and it’s good for us

Sexual healing, baby, it’s good for me
Sexual healing is something that’s good for me
Well, it’s good for me and it’s so good to me my baby, ohh

Come take control, just grab a hold
Of my body and mind, soon we’ll be making it, honey
I’ll be feeling fine,
You’re my medicine, open up and let me in
Darling, you’re so great, I can’t wait for you to operate

I can’t wait for you to operate

When I get this feeling
I need sexual healing
Oh when I get this feeling
I need sexual healing
I gotta have sexual healing, darling
‘Cause I’m all alone
Sexual healing, darling
Till you come back home

Please don’t procrastinate
It’s not good to masturbate”

I wanna be black, man

15 February 2013

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Barack Obama and kid,

Barack Obama and kid

I wanna be black. Yes, man. I wanna be black. I wanna be black like Lou Reed used to say. I wanna be black, I like black colour. I like soul & I like jazz. When I was a kid I wanted lots of things, when I got older I had many more dreams. And the dreams were not real life. Solitude and suffering were my best friends. I thought or imagined a twin angel talking to my ears. The options were music, street or books. I started poetry reading and came across Rimbaud and the French, and Lorca, Blake and others. Later, read novels, read literature and Dylan and so on. I found out the rhythm thanks to Marvin Gaye and the dance of the fifth brother-the Jacksons, I mean.  Flipped out with Martin Luther King and his poetical verse “I have a dream” like a mantra or something true. Got interested in jazz again and met the Prince of Bel Air for years in the screen. Fancied TV series later about some niggers surviving in the streets in Baltimore. I like some gestures some people make. I still remember that one at the number ten in the city of the Big Ben. Two men shake hands at the entrance door. I love the damned elegance at walking. I wanna have that fraternal spirit and speak in a woman´s voice like wine, Amy, you know, I wanna call you brother. I wanna be black, man.

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