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Evaluation criteria including the ongoing process

19 October 2014

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A tentative scheme of points to evaluate should be as follows:

Notebook marking-                            05

Notebook marking-                            05

Attendance-                                       06

Speaking / class participation-          04

Test (easy test, initial assessm.)        10

Exams (book, basics, sms)                20

Exams (book, basics, words)             20

On going exam (incl. everything)       30

Translation exams & option B

17 November 2013

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


(Mark Rothko)


Translation exam.- Those students who have brought their bilingual dictionary must translate the English text into Spanish language and look for the meaning of a small pack of Spanish words and idioms in order to jot down the English version onto the paper exam.

Option B.- Those students who have forgotten their dictionary might take an A4 paper with exercises on grammar, vocabulary, Basics or conjugation of verbs. For this option, marking should be inferior to translation exams.

(Sources for these tests: textbook, workbook, readers, press cuttings, the internet) 

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