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Morse Code: Jeremiah Denton

16 February 2019

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Jeremiah Denton


I would like to teach my students of English language MORSE code the easy way. There is a mnemonic list of words which I learnt in Boy Scouts (Estrella Polar group, Lugo-SPAIN) in order to keep in mind every single sign of MORSE. Well, as part of the English language programming I put in two tests an exercise of only one mark for those students able to reproduce the dot-and-dash language. For example:

1/ Complete the following letters following the MORSE rule:


H- Hi ma la ya ( . . . . )

E- él ( . )



2 / Write the secret -mnemonic- words as in : A- As no / B- Bo na par te / C-              / D- Do ce na

E- él  / F –             / G-               / H-            / I – is la / J-            / K-              / L-


These days I leave an unfinished word in MORSE on the blackboard as homework, i.e:


F- Fa ra o na ( . . _ . )

I –



trying to get students involved or, at least, curious about the code, given that some of the students do not bother to try to memorise the twenty-six words ( 26 letters of the English alphabet). Unfortunately, they consider useless getting one simple point in a test and seem uninterested in learning such a tangential topic.

Nonetheless, I insist. I am showing these students -and the others who have been learning the code- the importance of managing a secret code, the gratitude of the instructed ones to knowledge. On this occasion, an American prisoner of war uses MORSE by moving his eyelids as he is being interviewed in a hostile country by hostile journalist. Jeremiah Denton tries to send a message to the American Navy. The American Navy gets the message.

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