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Reflections on pedagogy thanks to Rosie Tanner and Catherine Green

18 May 2014

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Rosie Tanner and Catherine Green edited a coursebook for teachers of language Tasks for teacher education –A reflective approach- (Longman, 1998). Their book on pedagogy showed a lot of interesting points. They provided teachers with a great variety of texts, samples and drawings on topics such as the difference between error and mistake, reading views (skimming, scanning) or the importance of the movements of teachers inside the classroom. Through a funny map a teacher may see himself as a fly flying around their pupils or as a boring tired fly with no control over their learners. This point is almost anecdotic, but it made me think a lot on my moves in the classroom.

In the book, they suggest teachers to do plenty of activities in the class. And the more diversity of activies, the better. There are the classical four skills, namely reading, listening, writing and speaking– and consequently a good teacher should try practising them all.

There is some useful information on warming up a topic when the lesson begins, being aware of the students´s attitude, getting feedback from them, how to teach and practise grammar. I found some tasks having to do with the creative side, e.g, games of the type “find someone who…” or roleplaying, drawing maps, describing pictures, starting dialogues.

One must take into considerations many more points which have been analized in the coursebook: timing and planning lessons, how to teach grammar, use of the blackboard or teaching styles.


9 February 2014

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9th February 2014, Sunday


Plan notebook list of exercises

Plan new lessons- grammar, vocabulary quiz

Correct exercises from the book

Audios & texts (include extra materials)

Texts from the workbook and final pages from the textbook

Collage exercises to do and correct in the classroom

5 minute revision (basics, chorus)

list of words from Jan. van Ek : Threshold level, 1976 (Longman)


Wolcomo to tho CLOB

30 November 2013


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or rather, welcome to the club

Thanks to Cambridge

Thanks to Longman

Thanks to Oxford

Thanks to Burlington

These are my four cheeses, I mean, my four choices for grammar:

English Grammar in Use (with answers) by Raymond Murphy

English Grammar (with exercises) by Rodrigo Fernández Carmona

How English Works (with answers) by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter

New English Grammar by Jean Rowan

Murphy´s manual is the number one, and Swan´s yellow book was a recent discovery. On the other hand, Fernández Carmona´s book explains English grammar in Spanish as well as Jean Rowan´s manual. These last two books will turn quite helpful for Baccalaureate teachers

Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen


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