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Parallel Papers, Business English 1.-ef 17

2 July 2017

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Dexter Gordon

Dexter Gordon

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Serie de hojas de teoría y práctica para Inglés 1º (listado de verbos incluido). Tres trimestres. Modelo: Parallel Papers, BE 1.-ef 17

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1º trimestre

2º trimestre

3º trimestre



Ten tips for modern students of English language

20 January 2017

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10 tips for modern students


English language

1.get used to listen to BBC radio alive, e.g: BBC5live while doing some other tasks, watch, listen and read two or three pieces of news from euronews twice a week a couple of BBC podcasts from the learning section at every week

4.pick up some news from The Huffington Post UK, The Independent or The Daily Mail

5.start an account on social links such as twitter, facebook, G+, LinkedIn to practise interaction

6.always study handbooks of grammar and vocabulary

7.try adapted readers (Oxford Bookworms, Burlington, Itaca, Collins, Penguin)

8.get a good bilingual dictionary and use it

9.go to the United Kingdom whenever you have the opportunity

10.make British friends and talk to them very often. Use skype, facebook, twitter or any other social link to keep in touch


9 fav websites

18 December 2016

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(James Dean, actor)

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Twenty pages on behaviour, attendance and some other stuff at school

2 December 2016

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A pack of 20 pages for students of English language


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See also the PDF edition below


4 pages

Functional language useful on Business English 2

1 November 2016

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Pack of functional language for students of Business English 2

If you like see the document here:

#mypublicfiles via #PDF

A selection of words on Business English 2

1 November 2016

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See the PDF on #mypublicfiles via #PDF

Selección de vocabulario en latín y castellano

1 November 2016

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Hermafrodito (Ovidio, Las metamorfosis)

Selección de vocabulario de lengua latina (cf. Patricia Cañizares et al, Latín 4 ESO [Editorial SM.-Conecta2.0] vía @LinkedIn @SlideShare :

También disponible en #mypublic files vía #PDF aquí:


Cómo entender los números romanos (latín)

23 October 2016

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(Albert Uderzo)

Para leer y escribir números romanos existen una serie de reglas que hay que tener en cuenta. En el slideshare incrustado a continuación he recogido explicaciones y ejemplos de varias páginas web.


O si lo prefiere, haga clic en el enlace:

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a.m EF INTEF 16

10 May 2016

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Después de haberlo intentado varias veces, al final he conseguido hacer la presentación de a.m en “” vía @LinkedIn

15 favourite websites

5 January 2016

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{Egon Schiele, Austrian artist.- b.12061890 / d.31101918 }



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