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Me, myself, things I like, my schedule

7 July 2021

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I like, among many others, these things: 

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Horario habitual (my schedule)

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Cornell College (classical studies: Latin)

20 February 2021

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Amores (OVIDIO)


Language Teaching methodologies



Study Guides (vocabulary)


Cornell College website



Latin, Latin (no dictionaries dot com)

27 December 2020

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no dictionaries dot com


Marcus Magister (Colloquium Latinum) 


Ecce Metellus (2:54 mins.)

subtitles in Latin and Spanish


pig latin



On Latin proverbs, mottoes and abbreviations (Heimbach, E.) + EXTRA: Latin web

2 June 2020

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Heimbach, Elizabeth. Latin Everywhere, Everyday. A Latin phrase workbook. Wauconda (Illinois): Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc., 2004

Extract from the book: 
May 31, 2020
-Sententiae latinae-
Ab ovo usque ad mala (from eggs to apple. From beginning to end) Ad this purpose
Ad the man, personal
Ars longa, vita is long, life is short
Ave atque vale.hail and farewell
Bona good faith, genuine
Cave canem.beware of the dog
Confer (cf.).compare
Cum laude.with honour
De minimis non curat lex.the law does not care about the smallest things





Usborne quicklinks dot com


Portfolio de didáctica general (science-junkie, @tumblr)

24 May 2020

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miportfolio @tumblr


legal sites for literature










Reading in progress … Brucia´s “To Be a Roman”

19 May 2020

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Splendid manual on Roman Culture.
A good companion for teachers of Latin.
In its first chapters deals with tria nomina, types of marriages and houses among other points. This book provides exercises to work on the topics dealt in lessons. Of course, there are some illustrations of bedrooms (cubicula) in semidetached houses (domus).
A curiosity about tria nomina was the assumption that women didn´t have praenomen as a rule. Every free-born male had at least praenomen and nomen (first name and last name)


Brucia, Margaret A. and Gregory N. Daugherty, To Be a Roman. Topics in Roman Culture. Wauconda (Illinois): Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc. , 2oo7

Being bilingual should be something like …

1 March 2020

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[smilesandtribulations on @tumblr]


a sample:

A . alter ego 

“alter ego: another I / Another self, a second persona or alias. Can be used to describe different facets or identities of a single character, or different characters who seem representations of the same personality. Often used of a fictional character’s secret identity.”

see all adages and Latin expressions here:

(dictionary like website)


Tres libros esenciales: creatividad, relatos morales y latín

12 July 2019

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Robert Keith Sawyer, Explaining Creativity. The Science of Human Innovation. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006

William J. Bennett (ed).,The Book of Virtues. A Treasury of Great Moral Stories. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993

Harry Mount, Amo, amas, amat and all that. How to Become a Latin lover. London: Short Books, 2008


Latin vignette (“cogito ergo sum”) by Grant Snider

16 June 2019

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[Grant Snider]

Extra something

29 April 2019

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Extra something


We, as teachers, might improve the active participation of our students in the classroom by means of certain strategies. We could teach something new on the blackboard, write some rare expressions (idioms, false friends, abbreviations), get our pupils involved in a singular practice such as a specific role play activity, e.g.: a phone conversation with a famous movie star, or just provide them with a pack of new words.

We might as well suggest they copy a wordlist on their notebooks, turn some sentences into the negative or the past simple tense, et cetera.

These could be the extra something to those students coming to the classroom in any of our subjects, namely English language, Latin, Ethics or whatever



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