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Revised wordlist for Business English 1 [starter ef17]

10 June 2017

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Revised list of words, verbs, linkers, idioms and many more issues for Business English 1. There are notes taken from the Assimil Method, a handbook of vocabulary shortlisted by Jorge Induráin (Larousse publishers), the NATO code (to spell names on the phone, for example) and many more semantic fields found out in the Basic English Grammar by Juan Guillermo Moya.

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Glossary of words for elementary students based on “the threshold level”

25 July 2014

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On this occasion the glossary of words is based on an old book edited by the Council of Europe around the 1976. These wordlists provide students with basic vocabulary which, of course, will be helpful. See an extract here. Click on the link to @dropbox in case you would like to download the whole paper. The appearance of the lists looks nice. All words together and framed in boxes so you can mark the ones you have learned. I strongly recommend you to download the public files 🙂


first term

Possess. adjectives.adj. pos My/your/his/her/its.mi/tu/su (él/ella/ello)
Our/your/their.nuestro/vuestro/suyo(ellos) His chica (de él)
January/February.enero/febrero Tuesday/Thursday.martes/jueves

my public files


Glossary of words for beginners based on a Larousse handbook

10 July 2014

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 2014-02-07 15.27.56

I have picked out some words from a Larousse handbook. As a result of this and other manuals as well as from my own notes in the classroom I eventually organized a list of words which might be useful for beginners.

The packs of words are distributed in three terms. It is expected that a student learns those words and a lot more apart from these in approximately twelve weeks. The standard student dedicates three hours a week to study a foreign language. Every pack contains nouns, adjectives, prepositions, verbs, and idioms. I suggest that the student underline or colour every word he memorizes by means of a highlighter or a pencil. This would be a nice way to check the vocabulary learned.

first term

Colours.colores Black/white.negro/blanco
Pink/green.rosa/verde Yellow/red.amarillo/rojo
Khaki/beige.caqui/beis Orange/blue.naranja/azul
Brown/sand.marrón/arena Numbers.números
Cardinal numbers.números cardinales One/
Nine/ten.nueve/diez Thirteen/thirty.trece/treinta  in my public files

Eye! Here there is a pack of the whole thing:


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