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A woman writes about dignity

16 December 2014

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(Keira Knightley, actress)

I´ ve read the article written by Diana White and I ´ve liked it. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing in here, I mean, in this blog. It  could look like a journal, a photo album or a miscellaneous box where I collect and save all my favourite lines. Be that as it may,I want to keep the writing of Ms White safe.


{read on “Womanitely magazine”

Sep 26, 2014

Diana White

Why Dignity Is My Priority

“People often say that everyone should have dignity. But what is dignity? Unfortunately, nowadays many of us have no notion of this word. I think that dignity is one the main qualities of a human soul. It teaches people to respect the others, breed positivity and be grateful for everything they have.

Dignity is everything for me, because I’m a free person. It influences my behavior, mindset and the way I feel. I have my own point of view and no one can make me betray my values. Every time I read classical literature, I understand that earlier dignity was of great importance in the life of every person. In those days people could challenge the offender to a duel if their dignity was humbled. Today, people can easily lose sight of their own dignity and smile as if nothing has happened.

I’ve made a promise to myself to never sacrifice my dignity, because it’s the main priority of my life. I’m sure that my good breeding helps me to face all life difficulties with dignity. My parents always taught me to achieve everything with pride and never let other people humiliate me. It usually takes years to gain dignity, but one careless word or action can burn this valuable quality down. I want to live in a civilized society, based on mutual understanding and respect. Here are a few important reasons why dignity is my main priority.

I’m Not Used to Swallow My Pride

Today, modern people are looking for quick ways of enrichment. These, often illegal and non-traditional, ways require us to forget about dignity and follow certain rules.

I’ve noticed that such quality as dignity has become irrelevant in the society of low morality. Fancy youth finds it cool to break old rules, create new tendencies and values. I’m quite young, but I have a bit old-fashioned values, views and qualities. I’m not used to swallow my pride all the time. I think that this, at first sight, small concession can seriously insult my dignity. When I have disputable situations with somebody, I always try to come to a mutual compromise. I cannot stand when somebody wipes their feet on me and mock all the time. Those people who take it for granted are weak and diffident or they might have become the prisoners of the situation.

I know that life is an unpredictable thing and it can make us forget about our principles, but we should always look for a suitable moment to gain dignity back. When I graduated the university, at first I found it difficult to work in a team environment. I couldn’t get on with crafty colleagues and bosses due to the nature of my character and strong sense of dignity.

Now, I work in a wonderful team of people who don’t make me swallow my pride, because the relationship inside the team is built on respect and we are united by a common aim. I advise you to keep your dignity and be true to yourself, no matter how hard the situation may be. I believe that it’s better to lose a job than dignity 

I Don’t Make Empty Promises

All kinds of relationships should be based on trust. It’s impossible to build trust if someone makes empty promises. The idea of pulling wool over the partner’s eyes can give only a short-term effect, because sooner or later the deception will be exposed. Moreover, those who lie all the time usually gain the reputation of pathological liars. Consequently, it will cost them many efforts to prove the truth, because people become allergic to every word said by liars.

I always hold people who tell the truth in high respect. I believe that lies humble both the dignity of a liar and the pride of the deceived person. It means that liars have no respect for the ones they’re talking with. My upbringing doesn’t let me tell lies.

Have you ever heard about white lies? After a considerable reflection on this point, I’ve come to a conclusion that white lies are not the best way out. Surely, some day it can save the situation, but a bit later, you’ll feel the desire to lie once again. As a result, it will turn into a negative habit. All people who cannot live without lies should realize that by lying to others they delude themselves.

I’ve decided to take the responsibility for my words and promises, because my word is my bond. If I’m not sure, I prefer not to give false hopes.

 I Don’t Insult the Dignity of Others

Today, many people tend to follow the principle, “Dominate, rule and humble”. Social and financial superiority make them forget about some important qualities such as humanity, generosity and kindness. It seems to me that people don’t understand that their acts of humiliation can injure their dignity as well. I think that really strong personalities are not those who put weak ones down, but those who give them a helping hand. I feel no need and contentment to insult somebody’s dignity, because it’s not my pair of shoes to treat others basely.

I respect myself and others and I believe all people are equal. If I have some kind of antipathy toward somebody, I prefer to remain neutral or indifferent. It’s the best way to avoid quarrels and save the face.

My choice is to live in peace and friendship with people around me. I prefer to enjoy life and help my dearest and nearest to be positive as well. It boosts my dignity and confidence.

In conclusion, I want to mention that dignity is the most precious thing in this world. It’s so hard to gain it and so easy to lose it. We can compare it with health, because none of them can be bought. Life is full of situations when you should keep a stiff upper lip to stand up for your dignity. Furthermore, you should develop the power of will, if you don’t want others to make you swallow your pride. What does dignity mean to you? What other life priorities do you have?”


Errores cometidos en la traducción de textos

17 November 2012

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“Pride and prejudice” de Jane Austen llevada al cine


Da la impresión de que algún alumno olvida que una primera lectura rápida del texto que tiene que traducir es vital para darse una idea de la temática y el tono. El alumno debe saber si va a traducir una carta, un diario o una narración.

Es recomendable leer una segunda vez todo el texto para entender o captar matices del texto o futuros despistes.

También suele ocurrir que, una vez escrita la traducción el alumno no repasa o lee por encima lo que ha puesto y el resultado final no tiene mucho sentido. La revisión de la gramática y la ortografía antes de entregar el ejercicio son dos puntos importantes también. Por otro lado, los espacios en blanco por el uso inadecuado de “tippex” o un texto sin lógica deberían evitarse.



[Texto de lectura graduada “Just William” by Richmal Crompton (Burlington Books)]

1.Miss Sybil Grant was getting married: “estaba casándose” / “se casó” en lugar de “iba a casarse”

2.William hated writing projects : “William odia escribir proyectos” en lugar de “William odiaba escribir (redactar) trabajos”

3.going to a library: “ir a una librería” en lugar de “ir a una biblioteca”

4.about a boy aged 13 like him: “sobre un chico de 13 años que le gustaba” en lugar de ”sobre un chico de 13 años como él”

5.and he left home: “y él estaba a la izquierda” (o esta otra más original:“y era un cero a la izquierda en casa”) en lugar de “y él se fue de casa”

[Texto de lectura de “Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austen (Burlington Books)]

a.Jane and Elizabeth were good friends: “Jane y Elizabeth son buenas amigas” en lugar de “Jane y Elizabeth eran buenas amigas”

b.He is intelligent, good humoured and handsome: “él es inteligente, buen humor, y me daba un poco la mano” en lugar de “él es inteligente, tiene buen humor y es guapo”

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