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“A veces los profesores eran injustos” (vídeo)

26 July 2017

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[vídeo envíado vía @WhatsApp por mi hermano @pepefouzh]


A review of Ricardo Moreno´s “La conjura de los ignorantes”

22 July 2017

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The book deals with essential aspects of the task of education. Written by an experienced, veteran teacher of maths- Ricardo Moreno Castillo-. Nowadays, there is a growing tendency in Spain to follow any new methodology or idea coming from abroad in education and learning. Ricardo Moreno takes extracts from revolutionary theories, analyses them and shows the viewpoint from the other side.

Moreno Castillo shows by means of deep conviction and years of teaching experience that sometimes the old method is not necessarily wrong. He defends the importance of learning, the relevance of authority and study, the absurdity in changing things which will always be right.

However, the passion for education is not the enemy of innovation. The author appreciates the knowledge of the classics, the gravity of real thinking and the search for truth.

Ricardo Moreno criticizes the false idea of students having to be happy all the time at school and some more fantastic things of the Promised Land who some new theoreticians of pedagogy are trying to sell teachers and society as the solution to ignorance and failure.

I could not explain better than Ricardo Moreno himself all the things he deals with in the book. Nevertheless, I can do two things: first, recommend you the reading of those 195 pages; and second, enjoy the reading.



Thanks to the Library of Murcia (@brmu, twitter) for the inter-library loan service which allowed me taking the book home.

The book has not been translated to any other language than Spanish. The author wrote a brilliant book “Panfleto Antipedagógico” (El lector universal), 2006. Barcelona-156 pages; which is still inspiring for people related to education. The book reviewed above: “La conjura de los ignorantes“, Ricardo Moreno Castillo (Los pasos perdidos), 2016. Madrid-195 pages.


El examen de idiomas que me habría gustado haber hecho alguna vez

15 March 2013

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Me habría gustado haber respondido a un ejercicio en el que tuviera que solucionar situaciones cotidianas de cualquier tipo, por ejemplo, cómo llegar a un teatro o una librería o cómo llamar por teléfono a un sitio y explicar que estoy perdido o que necesito reservar una habitación. Habría estado bien que en un examen evaluasen-valorasen- el ingenio y la eficacia de los alumnos en situaciones similares.

Un alumno tendría que conocer y manejar vocabulario diverso y pronunciar aceptablemente bien para ser entendido. A través de la gramática y la lectura o escucha de audios se adquiere fluidez en un idioma. Las frases de lenguaje funcional expuestas de manera clara y breve ya sea por escrito o de forma hablada serían de gran ayuda. Hoy, la telefonía móvil e Internet hacen de este mundo un pañuelo. Todos estamos conectados. Habrá que lograr que esa conexión sea útil y precisa a través de una comunicación adecuada y correcta. La educación en nuestra lengua española y la educación en lenguas extranjeras tienen este objetivo y el lugar ideal para conseguirlo es la escuela.

[Este es un ejercicio del examen de Inglés de 2º de Bachillerato de Humanidades.-15.03.2013]

It´s a hard life.-

[Usted debe resolver esta situación. Se encuentra de viaje de estudios en Alemania pero se ha perdido de su grupo. Está en un museo y van a cerrar ya. Debe hablar con alguien para regresar al hotel de sus compañeros. Solo puede hablar inglés con la gente. ¿Con quién hablaría? Tiene 4 líneas para escribir lo que diría a alguien para llegar a su hotel. Hotel: Presidential Hotel. Berlinstrasse 346] WRITE IN ENGLISH, OF COURSE


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Surf the sea

3 August 2012

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Whenever I feel bored I start walking towards the beach I love and there I get ready to surf the sea. The sea, you see, I mean the internet, waves and more and more waves of wordpress blogs, tumblr gifs, pics, links and videos

I´ve got this link from #allaccesspass (Melanie´s blog)

Twitter, the GlobalEduForum and Negroponte

7 November 2010

There is a place somewhere on the internet for debate and exchange of ideas. One has come across that place, GlobalEduForum by means of a colleague (1) whom I haven´t met yet. Everything happens quickly.
From time to time I jot down some messages in my Twitter account and sometimes somebody tweets back or justs points out a relevant point and communication takes place. The other day this happened.
Nicholas Negroponte had been the protagonist in a forum and one remembered a post published by a friend of mine two years ago (2) on Negroponte and his dream of the easy access to the internet for the Third World. Negroponte had moved the use of cheap, small portable computers for children as well and my friend blogger in ESCRITOS A DIARIO had written something about him.
The post could be found and sent to the Global Education Forum. Then, a digital newspaper on the internet edited by the Forum underlined it.

(1) Domingo Méndez
(2) Armstrong Freelance

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