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English language texts in little doses

31 May 2020

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Some students of English might find vocabulary and reading easier, funnier by means of short messages. The teacher could copy and paste texts from @Instagram, @Pinterest &c in a digital platform, namely @moodle. Also, GIFs and long reads from @Tumblr and @imgur.






English language texts in little doses


Humorous rules for writing (Donna Richoux)

11 May 2020

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We all realize the importance of education

28 April 2020

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Mum is in a meeting at the moment, so make your choice, dear!

2 April 2020

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– seen on @tumblr –


23 March 2020

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[seen on @imgur, March 2020]

“Stop stealing our fucking pens” (message)

23 November 2019

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[seen on @imgur]

Mazes by Sean C. Jackson (via imgur)

10 November 2019

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Sean C. Jackson 


Looks like a new Taylor Swift album …

18 September 2019

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-via @imgur-

In case of love at first sight …

27 August 2019

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Two different kinds of readers

27 August 2019

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A tender mum (MrCurramba via @imgur) :

The nice reader

The naughty mummy (ANewBadlyPhotoshopped  via @imgur):

The naughty mummy


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