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Give me five!

7 October 2018

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Not a very convenient reply to a rude woman… or maybe he was right

31 July 2018

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For sale: Encyclopedia Britannica (@imgur)

28 July 2018

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Inside yourself

21 July 2018

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Always Ask First

15 July 2018

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Click on the link below to see what happens

when you touch the belly to a pregnant woman

without asking permission





The sea, the sea

5 July 2018

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Anthony Bourdain

23 June 2018

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Anthony Bourdain, chef

I came to read about the American chef for a stupid coincidence on a social network. I had just uploaded a picture of myself on it, because I found the portrait acceptably good. Later on, some days after that when I returned to the net, someone had written a comment under my photograph trying to offend me. The comment referred to me negatively as a sosias of an Anthony Bourdain. I had no idea who this man was, so I searched for him on Google and saw the point. I mean, I googled for Bourdain, not the anonymous man,

Then, some weeks passed until I read the news about his death. Somewhere, in an online paper, a reported said that the turning point in Bourdain´s career as a chef had been the publication of an opinion article on food published in “The New Yorker magazine” (April 19, 1999). Of course, I wanted to see that article. I read it, liked it and saved it. The title resembles the singular style of those published on Jot Down magazine [aka @JotDownSpain on Twitter]


Read the PDF “Don´t eat before reading this” (A. Bourdain)


About the life and work of the famous chef see @Wikipedia here:


To learn more on A. B read this report for CNN written by Brian Stelter


 See the original article on “The New Yorker”; -“Don´t eat before reading this” by A. Bourdain:


Mujeres, belleza e inteligencia

9 June 2018

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¿Qué es lo que ve usted en esta fotografía?

Lo pregunto porque creo que a cualquier hombre le llamarían la atención esos ojos rasgados y esa belleza insultante y poderosa de mujer. Sin embargo, parece ser que en la convocatoria de este año de Miss América pretenden darle un giro a la esencia del certamen. Va a haber cambios significativos. Lea:érica-no-utilizarán-trajes-de-baño



La belleza es algo inherente a la mujer y a los concursos de belleza


Lea “Miss América fea” de Rosa Belmonte (TW @rosabelmonte) 



Carmela Rose? en @imgur


Women´s secret

28 May 2018

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Marilyn Monroe (via @imgur)


Suicidal attempt – train- (@imgur)

26 May 2018

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Castle Stalker (Scotland) via @imgur


Heroic woman saves a suicidal man’s life

seen on @imgur




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