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Google would like permission to use your location, Wally

5 January 2018

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Screenshot 1 (smartphone) 5.1.2018

5 January 2018

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screenshot 1

camera, radio, G-calendar, clock

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Six pairs of socks (favourite social media)

4 January 2018

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six pairs of socks


For Michael´s goodness!

9 December 2017

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Michael Scott (Steve Carell)


Click on the link below:

One of the best moments in THE OFFICE, TV series

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Non-verbal language in a restaurant

8 December 2017

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List advantages of breast milk (via @imgur)

6 December 2017

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Funny reply and serious warning from his teacher

(Well done, Miss)



Stranger things, Eleven, Jim Hopper

29 November 2017

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Eleven from “Stranger things 2” (Gifsaremyfetish on @imgur)

The character of the mysterious kid, Eleven, is my favourite


The other day I had a vision on the monster of the story. It made me think of the Maman, the steel spider created by Louise Bourgeois.



“Stranger things” (Matt & Ross Duffer, 2016)



29 October 2017

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triskel as in tree

   triskel from three

    triskel comes true

3 favourite links

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Just in case

28 October 2017

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read on @imgur

Doing the crab walk landing (@YouTube, @imgur)

21 October 2017

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(via @YouTube)



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