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A comic on reading (Grant Snider)

30 June 2018

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Pedagogy notes: teacher´s lists, sources, mottoes [Business English]

21 January 2018

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Marks excel list / attendance term excel / planning week term (lessons, tests, controls, notebooks)

Notebook / AV notebook worksheets / PPA verbs, texts, practice

Words / audios / texts (reading aloud) / notebook revision / Q.A in the classroom


BOOK exercises / surprise TESTS / handouts / worksheets 

Videos YouTube / songs and lyrics / situations in life


AV notebook paper. Include reading texts in the pack, exercises

Business topics – Morse code, telephone manners, email rules, CV, saying numbers

Urban legends / Good manners / Debates on British culture / BASICS.- vocabulary. Colours, numbers, parts of the body, objects, house elements, etcetera


Pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar


Reading easy (short texts) / Reading medium (news from newspapers: The Independent, The Huff Post) / GIFs – AV, social media / Proverbs, mottoes, sayings, AV, twitter, Pinterest, imgur, tumblr, YouTube


Communication – Question / answer / Challenge. Ask words from list of vocabulary (available on AV) orally- mark oral points – list / Challenge. Ask verbs from list of verbs (available in PPA) orally- mark oral points – list


Veinte ideas particulares sobre pedagogía

23 April 2016

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  1. no permitir a los alumnos estudiar en horas de clase
  2. plantear una utilidad nueva (refuerzo, mini tests) para la hora de tutoría de alumnos
  3. promover reuniones frecuentes y breves del profesorado
  4. facilitar al profesorado información sobre tutorías, titulaciones, matriculación del alumnado, listado de alumnos con asignaturas pendientes, etcétera
  5. revisar el Reglamento de Régimen Interno al menos una vez por trimestre.
  6. dar a conocer el documento a todos los miembros de la comunidad educativa. Redactar extractos breves y claros para los alumnos
  7. unificar criterios disciplinarios (el profesorado debe mantener una actitud firme ante la dejadez o incumplimiento de las normas o tareas por parte del alumnado)
  8. prohibir el uso y exhibición de teléfonos móviles o aparatos ajenos a la clase (cámaras de fotos, MP3)
  9. exigir un único modelo de documento de justificación de falta de asistencia
  10. ser puntuales al inicio y finalización de las clases
  11. realizar guardias de clase con la garantía de trabajo y tareas en el aula para los alumnos
  12. revisar las programaciones a lo largo del curso
  13. cumplir las decisiones tomadas en el claustro
  14. fomentar la formación continua del profesorado
  15. visitar diariamente la página web del centro escolar
  1. revisar el desarrollo de las clases en periodos especiales como los días posteriores a exámenes o días previos a vacaciones
  2. preparar pruebas diferentes para los exámenes de última hora
  3. proponer un libro de lectura diferente a los alumnos que no realicen la prueba de lectura en su día
  4. respetar la libertad de cátedra del profesorado
  5. cuestionar la enseñanza, el aprendizaje y el método todos los días



Inside the teacher of English´s head

29 November 2015

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Functional language A4 papers

Parallel Papers (revision of basics, exercises, etcetera)

Grammar syllabus, explain these topics

Oral activities –textobook

Practice files- ESL 2

Read aloud, pronunciation, understanding, vocabulary

Audios, words, role-playing

Writing essays, opinion

Dialogues – audios

Being creative, open questions

Worksheets, lots of SMS

links with keys on Business English language at @moodle

upload podcasts from the BBC to @moodle

pictures. description- What can you see? What can you guess?


Texts. Reading topics

Videos uploaded to @moodle

Brief dictations.


Quotes. Translate short texts


Listening exercises included in controls

Mock tests

HOW TO pages (download a podcast, tell the time, conjugate a verb)

More new words, more new texts


Use dictionaries

Specific words for a specific signature. Business English- CV, sales, contracts

Ordinal numbers, telephone numbers, amounts, telephone speaking

Spanish grammar (conjugation of verbs) (demonstratives, articles)



Enjoy your joy, boy!

10 April 2011

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(Mauro Entrialgo, artista. Mauro Entrialgo publicada originalmente      en           “Interneteo y aparatuquis”. Este enlace está tomado de

This is a list of activities one has found out most enjoyable in class:

Write some easy and short messages in AT&T and let Charles (UK) pronounce them to the group of students. Repeat the play button 3 times to show your students you want them to relax. Show your funny face. If you know them and they are nice, insert some of their names with characteristic messages of the kind: Anthony stop making noise with your ballpen / Come on, Anne, copy the number of exercises today

Something that exploits their creativity (and vocabulary) could be writing a short message asking for a drawing of a cat entering a house with the open door and a closed umbrella on the floor next to a black fork.

If a teacher liked to reinforce their students´s self confidence, then he would suggest very easy exercises to get all students busy. This activity implies revision.

In all groups there are shy kids or lazy boys. For these suggest choral repetition aloud of certain phrases or even words. Practise this often and the class group will be speaking English more than they have ever dreamt.

Tell them stories. Tell them interesting, horror, funny stories. It depends on the teacher´s humour and imagination.

Do guessing games, offer students more than one choice, get them involved in solving out problems and participate in your class, your show.

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