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What the heck is wingdings?

30 August 2015

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August is over. Well, more or less. Next month we will remember the tragedy of New York City, 9112001 (nine eleven, two thousand and one). After those events there were messages around the net and lots of dark theories. The one I share below has to do with it. Anyway, wingdings font remains useful for those netizens who need images and icons in their writings.


NOTE TAKEN from the internet

A font that has actually stirred some controversy:

* Open a Microsoft Word document.
* Type “NYC” (use capital letters).
* Change the text to 72 point WEBdings.
* Now change the text to wingdings.

There is another “conspiracy”.

Supposedly, the serial number (or whatever)

of one of the September 11th airplanes was “Q33NY”.

Try that in 72 point wingdings (be sure to use capital letters).
Oh my God! Wingdings is prophetic!”


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