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Rules in an Irish school (punctuality, homework, behaviour)

15 October 2017

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Punctuality – There is a zero tolerance policy for students who turn up late for class. Homework – All students are required to do all of their homework every day. Foreign students are expected to attempt the homework at the very least. Smoking – Smoking in the school building is not permitted at any time and is punishable by law. It is not permitted to leave the school building or grounds between classes to smoke. Behaviour – Children are not permitted to speak during class or interrupt their teachers. Children are expected to be quiet and walk in an orderly fashion when in the school corridors. Foreign students have to integrate into the class – teachers cannot dedicate all their time to one student. Results – In Ireland the minimum pass rate is 40%. Foreign students are expected to pass their class tests. Sports/School Clubs – Most schools offer students the chance to partake in sporting activities as well as after-school clubs. We advise students to get involved in one or two activities as it enriches the school experience.



2 December 2013

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Dec 2nd, 2013 Mon


New lessons: grammar. Exercises. Oral work.

Comment on pictures

Challenge words


BOOK and audios


List of PAU tests done

List notebooks

Texts (reading)

Planning a perfect weekly plan in my English language class

9 October 2011

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 (“Fight Club” film directed by David Fincher.-1999)

The perfect week should have an appearance like this, more or less:

#grammar explanation, audio listening of some texts, book work, word list, parallel papers (extra exercises, vocabulary, set expressions, news, etc), workbook time

#grammar explanation (II), audio listening (II), correction of exercises from the book, workbook time, parallel papers, reading aloud

#correction of exercises from the book, correction of exercises from the workbook on board, wordlist, SMS-translation of Spanish short messages into English-, translation day with dictionaries/short essay writing on an easy topic (around 20 or 30 words), PAU tests simplified

*homework and AV or MOODLE invitation, watching short videos, Question & Answer talks live in class, choral messages, drawing, telling stories, etcetera

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