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Talking English language & listening to English conversations

10 March 2019

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-Big Ben (London clock) via Life In Moments (@historyinmoment)-


These 3 websites provide the learner of English language with





in different levels of difficulty.




2/ TOEFL listening via




The four-letter f*** word in the funniest moments (Life in moments)

15 September 2018



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French Connection shops, UK


The tweet posted by @historyinmoment yesterday:

When I knew about a shop named like that, I had the same idea as in the poster below. I swear ;-))

A literacy test for Negro voters (1960s) via @historyinmoment

14 April 2018

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Read on  “The Huffington Post”

“On June 24th, 1964 the state of Mississippi was invaded by an army of young women and men looking to stir up trouble. They crossed the state lines with the sole intent of shaking up the status quo and doing it in a way that would change the trajectory of history forever. Their plan to make this happen was a simple, but ambitious, one. They wanted to go into the heart of the south with the sole purpose of registering African-Americans to vote. For ten weeks, over 1,000 college students, black and white, inundated Mississippi looking to be the spark that would ignite positive change. By working to empower the disenfranchised group of black Mississippians, these young civil rights activist changed the future of our country forever, or at least we all thought.” (…)

the whole press article here:



Download, print and try it if you like, here:


Lectores ocultos en la oscuridad

7 April 2018

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Chico leyendo entre las ruinas de una librería londinense.

[PHOTO shared by @historyinmoment]


Essential websites for English language practice

30 October 2017

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London, 196o (@historyinmoment)

* dialogues, communication.-creative site


2. Learn English Feel Good: exercises, choice.- attractive pages


3.eslfast: dialogues, audios.- ideal for communication


4.rong-chang: short, easy texts, big letters.- reading


5.BusinessEnglishSite: specific website on Business English.-plenty of practice


Notes for students of Ethics -Parallel Papers-Ethics-ef17.- 310817

5 September 2017

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[James Dean vía @historyinmoment]

Three packs of obligatory notes for the subject of Ethics. Each one contains texts, definitions, mottoes, rules, news and some other points of interest such as urban legends, good manners and decalogues of behaviour. I have included extracts from the Spanish Constitution of 1978, the brilliant speech of Martin Luther King, the thirty articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

See the documents linked below:

Ethics PPa first term


Ethics PPa second term


Ethics PPa third term


Parallel Papers, Business English 1.-ef 17

2 July 2017

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Dexter Gordon

Dexter Gordon

[visto en Twitter vía @historyinmoment]


Serie de hojas de teoría y práctica para Inglés 1º (listado de verbos incluido). Tres trimestres. Modelo: Parallel Papers, BE 1.-ef 17

vía @SlideShare (@LinkedIn)

1º trimestre

2º trimestre

3º trimestre


Parallel Papers, Latin.-ef 17

1 July 2017

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James Dean, actor

[seen on Twitter @historyinmoment]


Serie de hojas de teoría y práctica para Latín de 4º ESO. Tres trimestres. Modelo: Parallel Papers, Latin 4, ef 17

vía @SlideShare (@LinkedIn)



1º trimestre de latín

2º trimestre de latín

3º trimestre de latín


FOOTNOTE-Parallel Papers, second term / NOTA AL PIE- PPA, segundo trimestre

On the term “amateur” (French), I meant “amatorem” (“amator”)


The face of the Statue of Liberty in NYC (History in Moments)

6 March 2017

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My first look at the picture shared by the Twitter account @historyinmoment made me think of a strange resemblance of the Statue of Liberty with the mouth of the rock star Elvis Presley. I tweeted that. Now, I read a piece of news about it.

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