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I’m sorry …

28 May 2020

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“Nobody ever lies about being lonely” (Montgomery Clift)

28 March 2020

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“From here to eternity” Dir. Fred Zinnemann, 1953

Ah, my angel, Juliet

20 March 2020

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Ah, my angel, Juliet …

(s-e-r-e-n-a-r @tumblr)

– – – battery charging – – –

1 November 2019

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battery charging


Mujeres, women, mulieres, mademoiselles, donne, virinoj

11 July 2019

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9 semanas y media (1986, dir. Adrian Lyne)

-Mickey Rourke y Kim Basinger-

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Me, myself and I

27 April 2019

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Which of the two children do you feel empathy with?

Women´s secret

28 May 2018

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Marilyn Monroe (via @imgur)


When you feel disappointed

21 January 2018

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Doing the crab walk landing (@YouTube, @imgur)

21 October 2017

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Pretty woman

28 September 2017

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