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“The types of suit every man should own” (Fashion Beans)

24 July 2019

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Extract of the article 

“The types of suit every man should own”


Fashion Beans editors

“There are few guys who don’t aspire to one day own a walk-in wardrobe filled with every type of suit, but we’re often in the dark as to how to get there. For the remainder, suits are a necessary evil: an insurance policy for professional and social occasions that you want to spend the bare minimum on.” (…) 

1/the Plain Navy two-button suit

2/the Plain Grey two-button suit

3/the Dark Double-breasted suit

4/the Dinner suit

5/the Summer suit

6/the Check suit


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N.B: website on classes of fabric


types of fabric



A gentleman should own some of these suits but he should be fit and stylish.

Good manners, elegance and nobility

You are made male by birth…

24 February 2016

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WASP: Words Audios Special Podcasting

21 September 2011

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(A typical British gentleman, WASP)


The use of a dictionary is one of the basic issues for learners of any Foreign Language. There are plenty of English dictionaries online such as Farlex or WordReference. Find words, meanings and collocations. []



One day in my class I entered a web site to test my students´understanding of some messages. I simply wrote two easy messages choosing the voice of an Englishman. More or less it was:


Please, Anthony stop talking! / Tomorrow I will get all your notebooks, so go on doing those exercises


I must admit that it was a complete success. They loved it and to get things worse I kept on playing the recording twice and three times.

The web site is on this blogroll, on the right side column. [AT&T natural voices]


I think that oral language can be boosted thank to this application. Besides the teacher checks some words´pronunciation.


Special Podcasting

Even today one enjoys the listening of recording material via podcasts. BBC podcasting is top class quality. Get into the habit of podcast listening everyday.

[BBC podcasts]



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