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Being bilingual must be something like this …

12 October 2018

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Travelling around the world, reading any kind of text either in English or Latin (Spanish, French or whichever mother language you speak) and feeling respect for certain type of classic writings

THE CLASSICS PAGE / The Latin Library com


The American Universities provide excellent sources for the study of Latin.

One of these is Cornell


First page on Latin maxims and phrases:



Lunes, Monday, dies lunae, lundi, lunedi, lundo {SELFIE}

9 November 2015

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14 March 2014

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Spanish English Latin French Italian Esperanto 

S E L F I E 

Joey speaks Frenchiey

12 October 2011

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Check the difficult work of a teacher of Foreign Languages here:

 (Joey Tribbiani, character of the American TV series “Friends”)

[Click on the link above]


Thanks to @bitterconch for the link 😉

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