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Bujos, Bullet Journals, W. H. Smith, Moleskines, etcétera

11 August 2021

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Bujos (guía de uso)


“El método Bullet Journal o “Bujo” es un sistema analógico de organización personal en plena era digital. Fue desarrollado por Ryder Caroll y sólo se necesita papel y boli para iniciarse. Este sistema fomenta tu creatividad y te permite personalizarlo a tu gusto. Aprender este método es muy fácil, que no te asuste un poco de texto extra en el post. No tiene ningún misterio. Aquí os dejamos una guía básica para entender el método Bullet Journal.

Si, como nosotros, eres un apasionado de las listas, seguro que no termina de convencerte usar agendas. Te atan a un calendario específico. No existe la opción de aprovechar un día perdido donde no hayas tenido eventos o tareas por hacer.

Todos tenemos que trabajar. El ser humano está “condenado” a organizarse para poder aprovechar al máximo su tiempo. Tendemos a listar multitud de cosas. Así es como funciona nuestra cabeza: Tareas que hemos realizado, tareas pendientes por hacer, cosas que nos inspiran, etc. Son muchas todas las cosas que no queremos dejar ir…”



W H Smith diaries



rem tea






Me, myself, things I like, my schedule

7 July 2021

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I like, among many others, these things: 

Spanish language, the movies, music, literature, blogging, voices, dogs, pedagogy, semantics, grammar, solitude, ambiguity, painting, oxymora, dictionaries, trees, mail, handwriting, walking, radio, hyperbatons, travelling, taking photos, photography, teaching, journalism, diaries, ball pens, books, pencils, blocs, podcasts, learning, style in writing, newspapers, fashion, Latin, puns, slow jogging, beaches, museums, jazz, poetry, English language, social media, communication, wine, flowers, literature, dictionaries, birds, women


Horario habitual (my schedule)

yes plan





“Envy those who see beauty in everything in the world” (Egon Schiele)

28 June 2021

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Julieta451, @Julieta451

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el-le gance

11 June 2021

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Just a reminder: elegance (one l). 

pun: elle (from the French) = she (from the English)

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Fleet on fleek

6 June 2021

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Collins Dictionary (on fleek)


1/ rose

rose 1


2/ woman

woman hair


3/ meaning of life (Carl Sandburg)

sandburg 3


4/ flesh and bone

women 4


5/ flowers

flowers 5


6/ tweet



What type or reader are you?

21 May 2021

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I see myself as a bookworm, a kind of letters addict





Phone etiquette (101, rules, do´s, don´ts)

8 May 2021

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Phone etiquette

by Jakub Kliszczak


“Think of how you answer each of the calls you receive.

When it’s your mom calling, you probably start with something like “Hey mom, how are you doing?”.

If it’s your mate, most likely you answer with “Yo, dawg! What’s up?”.

And when it happens that you get a call directly from your boss, I guess you go with something like “Yes boss? What’s the issue? (hopefully, not me!)”.

In everyday situations, we don’t need to follow any specific rules or tips on how to make and take calls. Yet, when it comes to professional phone calls and answering your customers’ phone calls things are much different. For anyone who’s already working in a call center or as a customer service agent these things are obvious – at least they should be! – but for all of the new hires, it might be “brand-new-world”.

Today, we’re going to tackle the most important proper phone etiquette practices including essential rules, what to do, and what not to do. We’ll also drop some tips throughout the article so make sure you don’t miss those!”



#PDF i.ii don´ts

#PDF iii.iv.v dont´s





Employees now have the right not to answer work calls or emails outside of working hours

A new Code of Practice has been revealed.

“Employees will have enhanced rights to disconnect from work outside normal working hours, under a new Code of Practice published by the Government on Thursday.

As part of The Right To Disconnect, employees will be entitled not to have to “routinely” perform work outside their normal working hours and can not be punished for refusing to attend to work matters outside of working hours.”

It also includes the duty to respect another person’s right to disconnect, such as by not calling or emailing outside normal working hours.

Speaking on Thursday, Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment Leo Varadkar said the code comes into effect immediately and applies to all types of employment regardless of whether you are working remotely or not.

Learn more
“The pandemic has transformed working practices, and many of those changes will be long-lasting,” Varadkar said.

“Although much of the impact of the pandemic has been negative, particularly for those who have lost jobs, income or whose businesses have been closed, it also offers an opportunity to make permanent changes for the better, whether that’s working more from home, having more time with the family, or more flexible working hours.””


Visual test

23 January 2021

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Can you read the latest line? 

“Life is too short to spent it at war” …

16 August 2020

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“El secreto de una buena vida: comer la mitad, caminar el doble” …

8 July 2020

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