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Teacher´s dossiers and files

2 November 2015

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

Larson, Keith


#separate file: MARKS


#dossier: attendance pack. FRONT

#dossier: notes for lessons, activities, timing, schemes, words

#dossier: schedule. PLANNING term. BACK


**notebook list. PACK

**Parallel Papers pack

**AUDIOS listening selection and strategies

**skeleton of verbs pack

**words (vocabulary)

**functional language pack

**grammar syllabus

**extra papers: reminders, how to download podcasts, how to do dictations

**worksheets: sentences for translation, BASICS review, pictures, exercises

**@moodle memo

**tests pack

The easiest way to download a document

27 November 2014

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

2014-05-06 00.34.18

I have been thinking these days that the easiest way to download a document is to send an email to myself attaching the file I need or typing emilioefe on the keyboard of any computer and clicking on dropbox-my public files. The first way is safer than the second, however the second way is pretty fast too. The files uploaded to my public files on dropbox may or may not be temporary or permanent files.

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