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Race Walk / Extra: “mamá, no quiero estudiar más”

28 August 2021

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río, 20km women

Río de Janeiro, Brazil (2016)- Women´s 20kms

race walk (@Wikipedia)

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How to race walk (how to get started)




Do you want to tone more muscles, burn more calories per mile, and win competitions? Racewalking may be just the sport for you. See how you can achieve high speeds without breaking into a run.

Racewalking vs. Speedwalking
Racewalking is not just walking fast or speedwalking. Although a good fast walking technique borrows posture and arm motion from racewalking, it doesn’t use the straight leg technique that gives racewalking its hip rotation.

You can use the racewalking technique to walk faster in events such as 5K charity runs and half-marathons, even beating many runners to the finish line. But racewalking is its own competitive sport as well.


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“Mamá, no quiero estudiar más”



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